Cabinet clears national policy for children

The Cabinet on Thursday approved the National Policy for Children, 2012.

New Delhi: The Cabinet on Thursday approved the National Policy for Children, 2012 which recognises child survival, health, nutrition, education, development and protection as undeniable rights of every child.

As per the National Child Policy every person below the age of eighteen years as a child and that childhood is an integral part of life with a value of its own.

According to the policy, a long term, sustainable, multi-sectoral, integrated and inclusive approach is necessary for the harmonious development and protection of children.

The policy lays down the guiding principles that must be respected by national, state and local governments in their actions and initiatives affecting children, a statement released by the government here said.

The key guiding principles of the policy are the right of every child to life, survival, development, education, protection and participation, equal rights for all children without discrimination.

The best interest of the child should be a primary concern in all actions and decisions affecting children and family environment as the most conducive for all-round development of children.

"The policy has identified survival, health, nutrition, education, development, protection and participation as the undeniable rights of every child, and has also declared these as key priority areas," the statement released here said.

The National Child policy also strives to create convergence and co-ordination across different sectors and levels of governance, partnerships with all stakeholders, setting up of a comprehensive knowledge base, provision of adequate resources; and sensitisation and capacity development of all those who work for and with children.


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