Clean politics most vital for democracy: Advani

Veteran BJP leader LK Advani said clean politics is the touchstone by which people would judge the leaders in a democracy.

Thiruvananthapuram: Veteran BJP leader LK Advani on Sunday said clean politics is the touchstone by which people would judge the leaders in a democracy and his party would not compromise on this vital principle.

"You must be able to provide clean politics when away from power and good governance while in power, by which the people will judge the people in public life," he said at a meeting organised to mark the 30th anniversary of pro-RSS cultural and intellectual forum `Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram` here.

Alluding to recent scams and allegations, though without naming any party or person, Advani said BJP`s commitment to these virtues was uncompromising.

"You must be able to give good governance and clean politics. These are virtues the BJP has resolved to give the people," he said.

In a nostalgic speech reminiscing several episodes in his long innings in politics, Advani said despite some shortcomings, India had belied the cynicism of the Western world at the time of independence that democracy would not survive in the country.

Not only that India had thrived as a vibrant democratic nation but also it was poised to become a dominant country in the world along with China in the near future, he said.

Without referring to any specific party or politician, he said in politics also there should not be untouchability as that was regarded as uncivilised in social life.

A key factor that helped democracy flourish in India was its unique cultural nationalism even amid vast diversity and the tolerance of the people to accommodate different points of view, he said.

The culture of India was "unique" that different languages and religions had survived in the nation. In contrast, in the United States, colonised by people from different parts of Europe, English dominated, submerging the linguistic identity of migrants from countries like Germany, he said.

However, in a veiled criticism of the Congress, Advani said, "Some parties continue to be at the hold of family or dynasty. King is succeeded by son or daughter. But these things are changing."

Referring to the activities of Vichara Kendram, headed by RSS ideologue P Parameswaran, Advani said presence of "think tanks" is important in a thriving democracy.