IIT aspirant detained for killing retd teacher

A teenaged IIT aspirant was on Tuesday detained for allegedly murdering a retired teacher in south Delhi to avenge his humiliation.

New Delhi: A teenaged IIT aspirant was on Tuesday
detained for allegedly murdering a retired teacher in south
Delhi to avenge his humiliation as the elderly man made his
parents pay Rs three lakh after he stole jewellery and credit
cards from his house, police said.

The 17-year-old student hailing from Shingroli in Madhya
Pradesh allegedly planned to kill D K Joshi in March, in whose
flat he used to live as a tenant at that time, as his parents
were made to pay the amount after he stole some of his
valuables, they said.

The planning was so elaborate that the teenager took
extra care not to be identified by anyone by wearing a wig
used by women and made his friend wait for him on his
motorcycle a little away from Joshi`s residence in south
Delhi`s posh Vasant Kunj locality, police said.

"We detained the boy from his uncle`s residence in
Haryana`s Gurgaon early this morning. He is from a well-to-do
family. His father is a businessman while his sister is
pursuing second year MBBS," DCP (South) H G S Dhaliwal told
reporters here.

The English teacher was found dead with a head injury
caused by a blunt object and stab wounds inflicted by scissors
on his neck on Saturday. The incident came to light when his
son asked his cousin to visit his father as he was not
attending his calls from the US.

The cracking of the case came after a probe by five
special police teams into several angles, which included that
two students who were Joshi`s tenants left his place in March
after a theft in his house. The students were staying there
from November last year.

"We worked on this lead and this led to the detention of
the teenager who felt he was humiliated. Joshi, who had not
pressed for criminal charges against the teenager, had later
demanded another Rs 50,000. The boy was angry at this and
wanted to get rid of Joshi," Dhaliwal said.

According to Dhaliwal, the boy came to Delhi last
Thursday from his hometown allegedly with a khukri, a long
bended knife, which he had purchased two years ago in Nepal.

The next day, he met his old school friend and visited
a beauty parlour, run by one of his female friends in Kalkaji,
from where he took a wig telling her that he wanted it for a
play in which he was acting.

"He told his school friend that he could arrange a job
for him and went to his house to take his motorcycle. He also
arranged some interviews for his friend. The teenager then
took him to Vasant Kunj on the pretext of collecting some
money," Dhaliwal said.

Joshi, who had gone out to purchase some household
articles returned, found the boy outside his flat and asked
him why he was there. The teenager pushed his way inside the
house and allegedly attacked him with the knife.
The khukri got damaged as the boy hit the teacher. Then
he stabbed him with scissors. He also searched the house and
laid his hands on whatever he could find easily. He returned
with a laptop, three wine bottles and a mobile phone in bag
where his friend was waiting for him," Dhaliwal said.

The boy told his friend that in lieu of the money, the
father of his friend gave him these articles.

"The boy then returned to Kalkaji and stayed at the
beauty parlour in the night," Dhaliwal said.

Joshi had retired from service in 2003 and started living
in Vasant Kunj a year later. While his son Anurag, a software
professional, is settled in New Jersey in the US, his wife
Nirmala had passed away in 2008.

"Thereafter he felt a great emotional void and became
introvert, spiritual and follower of Osho. He was a regular
visitor to Osho Ashram in Murthal. But he found hard to pass
time and in last November kept two students as paying guests,"
Dhaliwal said.

"He started treating them as his own kids and used to
help them in their studies. He even got his cable connection
cut so that their studies were not disturbed. But this trust
was betrayed by the boy who took away all jewellery, credit
card and wine bottles kept for friend," he said.

When Joshi did not find his bottles, he checked his
valuables and found jewellery items and credit card missing.

The teacher also found that Rs 1.3 lakh was spent on
shopping using his credit card. The boy allegedly sold the
jewellery for Rs 56,000.

Investigators have recovered the khukri, bloodstained
shoes which the teenager was wearing at the time of the
incident, the wine bottles and laptop.

Asked whether the beat constable had checked with the
senior citizen earlier, Dhaliwal said, Joshi had not
registered with the senior citizen`s cell.

"However, our beat constable used to meet him regularly.
We were also aware of the theft that took place in March
though no case was registered. Joshi did not want to get
registered with the cell as he was to join his son in New
Jersey soon.

"Also his relatives were very caring. They used to meet
him every day. The nephew who reported about the murder used
to park his motorcycle in his flat only," Dhaliwal said.