Indian history based on flattery,secrecy: Verghese

Veteran journo BG Verghese urged more people to write openly as it would lead to wisdom.

Chennai: Veteran journalist BG Verghese on Wednesday said Indian history was ``based on flattery, psychophancy and
secrecy,`` and urged more people to write openly as it would
lead to wisdom.

``Much of our history is based on flattery, psychophancy
and secrecy. I think it is necessary for more people to write
openly and candidly,`` he said at the launch of his book,
`First Daft: Witness to the Making of Modern India,` here.

He said people might not accept with what one writes but
that would result in discussion ``which would lead to
(gaining) wisdom,`` the former Editor of Indian Express and
Hindustan Times said.

He said more people from various walks of life, including
the establishment and bureaucracy must write (books and

Verghese noted that while many countries had unlocked their archives it was not the case with India, ``and we are still
being ruled by the Official Secrets Act.``

``Indian scholars use foreign material to write about India
(as many archives are not accessible). This is a remarkable
gap,`` he added.

On his book, released by former West Bengal Governor,
Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Verghese said it was a ``journalistic
account`` of various incidents relating to the country, to
which he was a witness as a mainstream journalist.