Indian spy held for Lahore blast, claims Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence agencies claim to have arrested an Indian national in connection with the Lahore car bomb blast.

Zeenews Bureau

Islamabad, Dec 25: In what could further jeopardize the diplomatic ties between New Delhi and Islamabad, Pakistani intelligence agencies claim to have arrested an Indian national and two others in connection with Wednesday’s car bomb blast in Lahore.

According to media reports, the arrest was made late on Wednesday.

Elaborating more details about the arrest, the media reports said that Pakistani intelligence agencies claim to have arrested "an Indian secret agent” and two others who were allegedly involved" in a car bomb blast on Wednesday morning.

The man arrested has been identified as Sutish Anand Sharma, a resident of Indian city Kolkata, according to reports.

The Pakistan intelligence officials have claimed that Sharma was currently living in Pakistan in disguise of Muneer.

The reports further added that Sharma has confessed his hand in the blast and revealed details about his other three associates, who are hiding somewhere in Pakistan.

However, conflicting reports also suggested that Sharma had earlier worked with the Indian High Commission in London.

Pakistan officials have also recovered three fake national identity cards, three letters and other explosive material and devices from Sharma’s possession, reports said.

The three were arrested by tracing and tapping Sharma`s telephone calls, the report said.

However, the Indian government has rebuffed the report of Sharma’s arrest and said that spy charges have been hoisted by Pakistan to defame India at the international level.

“It’s an amateurish way to indict India,” a government official said reacting to the report.

Meanwhile, the government sources also said that there is no record of Satish Sharma in the Indian Embassy.

A woman was killed and four persons were injured when a car bomb went off in a high-security residential complex for government officials in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore.

The explosion occurred at 9:20am (local time) within the Government Officers Residences complex, an area in the capital of Punjab province where senior government officials and judges reside.