Jethmalani lauds Pranab, says he is PM material

Lauding FM Pranab Mukherjee`s intellectual abilities, former Law Minister Ram Jethmalani said he is standing at the crossroads of history.

New Delhi: Lauding Finance Minister Pranab
Mukherjee`s intellectual abilities and being "Prime
Ministerial material", former Law Minister Ram Jethmalani
today said he is standing at the crossroads of history and has
to choose between future of "glory" or that of "degradation".

"I have so much of respect for my friend, Pranabda. He has
been the longest companion of mine in Parliamentary life. I
know about his intellectual abilities. I believe that he is
Prime Ministerial material.

"But, Sir, today, he is standing at the crossroads of
history.... One is the road to glory, a glorious future and
the other is the road to absolute degradation, breach of faith
and breach of trust. It is for him to decide as to which way
he wants to go. I hope he will go the way to a glorious
future," Jethmalani said while participating in the debate on
general budget in the Rajya sabha.
Jethamalani clarified further "the glorious future lies
only in making some kind of compensation to the people for
your past crimes, seeking their forgiveness, and going back
to them with a clean mind and a clean soul."

The noted lawyer-MP earlier said the Prime Minister had
"passed off" his responsibility to the Finance
Minister to reply to the provisions of the general budget.

"I have a word of appreciation for the great cleverness of
our Prime Minister. The other day, in his speech on the motion
of thanks to the President`s speech, he quietly passed off a
large part of his responsibility by telling us that most of
these matters relate to the Ministry of Finance and that the
Finance Minister would be before this House during the budget
discussion and he would answer to most of the problems which
have been raised during the course of the speech.
"Now, Sir, this transfer of responsibility to the Finance
Minister, however wise the step was on behalf of the Prime
Minister, with due respect, is not very fair to the poor
Finance Minister."