Narendra Modi launches `Chai pe Charcha` campaign: As it happened

Gujarat Chief Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will kickstart `Chai pe charcha with NaMo` campaign.

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8:05 pm: For good governance it is important to connect with the people and bring them together. Whenever there is natural calamity, if people participate in it, then one is able to come out of it fast: Modi.

8:00 pm: We have been hearing `garibi hatao` for years. People should see who has done what and then vote accordingly. Leaders must be made accountable: Modi.

7:55 pm: Internal security is a serious issue and we need tough laws for this. See what USA and other countries have done. There should be zero tolerance towards terror: Modi.

7:45 pm: Reacting to a suggestion from a viewer in Maharashtra on developing infrastructure and on bullet trains etc, Modi says – Road and Rail connectivity plays a big role in development of any country. Its sad that Railways has never been our priority. We were not able to change it with times. We did not do technological up-gradation. Speed is of utmost importance. Our Railway needs to think from a new angle now. Railway needs to have its own research wing.

7:34 pm: Last mile delivery is very important for good governance. Governance must mean more than tokenism. Concrete action plans, strategy, accountability is needed for this. The postman is an example of last-mile delivery. He comes looking for you. That is how governments should function: Modi.

7:23 pm: Government and private world need to work together. This work culture needs to be improved. It will help everyone.

7:07 pm: A person raises the question of unemployment and poverty in Bihar. Modi says – There is unemployment not only in Bihar but this a problem all over the country. We especially have to focus on the eastern part of India. Bihar is not poor. But a strange way of governance has spoilt Bihar. The people there have high potential. We need to focus on inclusive governance and on backward areas of country. Only then our country will profess as a whole.

7:00 pm: Talking about education Modi opines – Earlier, practical knowledge was in tune with bookish knowledge. Like learning to clean, do odd jobs, work hard etc. But today if a student is asked to clean in school then there will be big uproar. However, it is imperative to bring back culture of hard work amongst students. It is a must to focus on skill development. This will help in employment generation. Even in agricultural sector, we need skill development. This will help people to live with dignity and respect.

6:45 pm: On a question on about how he would tackle black money, Modi says – The whole country is worried about black money. Black money is an anti-national activity. Political will is required to get black money back to India. I give you assurance that when we come to power, we will amend necessary laws and bring black money back to India. We will create a task force. I am committed to it. This will be the prime responsibility of the new govt in Delhi to bring back black money. Only a new govt can do this. No other govt can do it.

6:36 pm: Times have changed. A society in order to progress has to change with times. We have to carry the good that our fore-fathers told us but at the same time keep growing. Taxation should be such that the people from whom tax is being taken should not get hurt and the tax which is collected should be used for good of others: Modi.

6:30 pm: Those who want to get elected have to work a lot and struggle. Politics has changed today: Modi.

6:26 pm: Bad governance is like diabetes. Corruption etc get attached to it: Modi.

6:24 pm: Democracy is a celebration of sorts. Today I will talk to 2 crore people through chai pe charcha. People want to talk to leaders and know their views. I have been traveling across the country and doing rallies but today it is a different experiment: Modi.

6:23 pm: Good governance is being talked about a lot nowadays but we need to understand its meaning. So today I thought I would talk on this topic: Modi.

6:22 pm: The people are disillusioned with government today: Modi.

6:20 pm: Today we are going to discuss good governance. Gandhi gave us `swaraj` but we were not able to make it `suraj`: Modi.

6:19 pm: This is a unique technology through which I am addressing “Chai pe Charcha` today. So thankyou technology: Modi.

6:19 pm: In every society, at every level, various discussions take place over tea: Modi.

6:18 pm: While selling tea I learnt a lot. Met a lot of people. Listened to people with interest. It was a great experience: Modi.

6:17 pm: Narendra Modi kickstarts chai pe charcha campaign.

Gujarat Chief Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will on Wednesday kickstart `Chai pe charcha with NaMo` campaign in Ahmedabad.

With this campaign, Modi aims at connecting with the common people over a cup of tea.

In a bid to cash in on the "chaiwala" jibe, Modi will visit a tea stall and interact with common people over the brew through DTH, satellite service and social media.

The subject for today`s "Chai pe charcha" is good governance, reports PTI.

The programme will be relayed at 1,000 tea stall locations identified by the BJP in 300 cities across the country, including 61 locations in 22 cities and towns in Gujarat, via video conferencing.

"Of these 1,000 locations, direct interaction will take place with people from 30 locations in which people can share, ask and and suggest their views on the ongoing election campaign," BJP spokesperson Harshad Patel said.

The campaign strategy stems from Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar`s remark on humble beginnings of Modi as a tea vendor.

Turning the taunt to Modi`s advantage, BJP poll managers have decided to use Modi`s background to reach out to the maximum number of voters by inviting them to talk to the leader as part of the initiative.

When he was young, Modi used to help his father sell tea at Vadnagar railway station and also on trains.
Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal had earlier made similar remarks against Modi, saying a person who used to sell tea cannot have a national perspective.

In a bid to temper the damage caused by Aiyer`s remark, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi recently said "every tea seller, every labourer should be respected, but he who makes fool of people should not be respected".

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