No corruption; continuing as CVC: Thomas

The CVC said his conscience is clear and the case against him is only of criminal conspiracy.

New Delhi: Central Vigilance Commissioner PJ Thomas on Thursday said his conscience is clear and dismissed as "speculative" questions on his possible resignation in the
wake of stinging observations against him by the Supreme Court.

"I am morally clear. My conscience is very clear. I am continuing as CVC," Thomas said.

Asked about his possible resignation, Thomas said, "That is a speculative question. I do not have to answer it."

Thomas said he was an impartial person and distanced himself from the 2G spectrum scam as well as the Palmolein import case, over which there are demands for his resignation.

"The Palmolein import case is a very old case. It did not happen in my tenure. I am not really aware of its status.

The state government has a very funny stand on it," he said.

He said that the case related to the Council of Ministers in Kerala taking a decision to import Palmolein and as food secretary he had implemented it. "On that basis, to
level criminal conspiracy charge against me is funny," he said.

On the alleged 2G spectrum scam, he said the matter was sub judice and it would not be appropriate for him to speak anything on it.

Asked further, he, however, said the alleged scam happened when he was not the telecom secretary. "It happened between 2007 and 2008 when I was not the telecom secretary," he said.

"I am very impartial and take judicious decisions as per the law on every matter that comes to me," he said.

Talking about the Palmolein case, Thomas said there is no case of corruption against him.

"What is the criminal conspiracy.... meeting at the council of ministers headed by chief minister? The state investigative agency, whichever agency it is... the agency said this cabinet meeting was a criminal conspiracy and every Cabinet meeting has the Secretary in attendance.

"You know the procedure as Food Secretary (of the state) I am also in attendance... inside the meeting and not outside.

"Thereafter, the Cabinet meeting gives a decision and as Food Secretary you issue the order and when you issue the order they say this conspiracy of the meeting of Council of Ministers you have contributed to that...state investigative agencies have taken such a funny stand you know...there is nothing on conspiracy there is nothing on corruption," Thomas said.

Thomas also said that all questions regarding his resignation or continuance at the top vigilance post in the country, are "speculative" and "political".

"Again a political question...what speculative questions. No I am still the CVC," Thomas said when reporters asked him if the government was bargaining his resignation with the Opposition or if his conscience pinched him as he was continuing in the post despite the Supreme Court`s observations against him.