‘South Asian countries need to work on terror’

India has pitched for more collective efforts by countries in South Asia to confront terrorism.

New Delhi: India has pitched for more
"collective efforts" by countries in South Asia to confront
terrorists by identifying their financial linkages and
breaking them to combat the menace in the region.

It also said that unless the financial link to terrorist
groups that operate out of the region is broke, the vision of
a "peaceful region" will take time to achieve.

"We need collective efforts to confront terrorists and
identify the linkages they have with their network, especially
the financial linkage. That has to be broken," Asok Mukerji,
Additional Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, said.

He was addressing the 5th workshop for police officers,
prosecutors and judges on counter-terrorism cooperation from
SAARC countries organised by the Ministry and the UN.

Mukerji noted that the region has been "dragged by the
activities" of groups like Al-Qaeda and its affiliates like
the LeT for the past three decades and they pose serious
challenge to peace, progress and prosperity in the region.
He also said the international community should help
countries which do not have the capacity to build counter-
terrorism measures.

Mike Smith, Assistant Secretary-General of the United
Nations and Executive Director of CTED, called on countries in
South Asia to strengthen the criminal justice system as part
of their efforts to combat terrorism.

"Counter-terrorism measures need to be coordinated in
countries. All the modest collective efforts will be helpful
in combating the menace," he said.

He pitched the need for strengthening criminal justice
system in South Asian countries.