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Team Anna to end fast at 5 pm, start ‘movement’

Team Anna on Friday defended the decision to provide a ‘political alternative’ and said the aim is to take the movement from the streets to Parliament.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Amid widespread debate on possible contour of the ‘political alternative’ being postulated by Anna Hazare and his team, Team Anna on Friday defended the decision and said the aim is to take the movement from the streets to Parliament.

Key team member Manish Sisodia Sisodia, who will end his 10-day-long fast with Arvind Kejriwal and Gopal Rai today at 5 pm, said the present situation demands a political alternative, as the government is least concerned about the general public.

"It`s premature to say now on forming a political party. But we will have to give a political alternative and it will come out from the public. The public will decide how the movement, which began on the streets, should reach Parliament," said Sisodia.

"Will that be done by forming a political party or through individuals or by any other means? We will hold discussions regarding that. People are sending their views. But the bottom line is to take this movement from the streets to Parliament," he added.

Another key Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan said the nation is demanding that we provide a political alternative. He said, “Lakhs of people have voted on the question whether the country needs a political alternative and over 90% of the people have supported the idea.”

“We are forced to give a political alternative. If the nation is not given an alternative at this critical juncture then this country is heading towards civil war,” he added.

“If there has to be a non-violent revolution in the country, then it has to be through elections,” Bhushan pointed out.

Supporters upset?

Has Team Anna’s talk of political alternative upset supporters? Some reports claimed that there has been a drop in number of people present at Jantar Mantar today.

Amid strong voices in favour of a political alternative, some supporters expressed disappointment over the civil society activists` move to float a new political party.

Ram Avatar, a supporter, told reporters that they were let down with Anna``s decision as their purpose was to combat graft and not any political party.

"We are very disappointed with Hazare`s statement. We have been participating in the campaign for past eight-nine days. We were shocked to listen to his statement. We want that this movement should continue and it should not be transformed in any type of political battle because people and students who have come from far off areas, from schools and universities, want to fight against corruption and not against any political system. I think Anna should take his decision back," said Ram Avatar .

Vijay Kumar, a campaigner, said that the formation of a political party would not help to make a difference in the democratic system of the country.

"If Anna will choose politics, then we would like to tell him that there are many parties who had majority in Parliament but still they were not able to pass those laws which will benefit the democratic system of the country. That is why I want that Anna Hazare should drop the idea of politics as an alternative and should concentrate on the movement," said Kumar.

(With ANI inputs)