Orissa: Dalit rape victim slips into coma

As Orissa HC and state HRC took up the cause of an alleged rape victim, the state govt handed over investigation of the case to CID.

Bhubaneswar: As Orissa High Court and
state Human Rights Commission took up the cause of an alleged
rape victim, the state government on Tuesday handed over
investigation of the case to Crime Investigation Department
(CID), Crime Branch.

"A CID, CB team headed by a woman Additional
Superintendent of Police (ASP) rank officer has rushed to
Pipili area for investigation," director general of police
(DGP) Manmohan Praharaj told reporters here.

A case has been registered at Pipili police station in
Puri district under different sections of the Indian Penal
Code, a CID, CB release said.

Allegedly denied justice by local police and doctors
at government hospital, the 19-year-old dalit girl lying in
coma, was taken to OHRC`s office here yesterday.

"We brought her to commission`s office for justice
after failing to get any solace," said victim`s father Babuli

Describing the ordeal, the hapless father said his
daughter was denied treatment at Capital Hospital and shifted
to SCB Medical College Hospital at Cuttack which also
discharged her even before she was normal, Behera said.

The girl, also a witness in a molestation case, was
allegedly raped by two persons in Pipili area on November 28.
"My daughter was target of the group who were involved in the
molestation," the father told reporters.

Meanwhile, the victim of the alleged molestation has
committed suicide after being unable to get justice from the
police, Behera claimed.

The girl was first allegedly assaulted on January 12,
2008, a few weeks after some miscreants molested her friend in
Arjunagada village under Pipili police station area. They
again attacked her house on February 18, 2008 after she became
a witness in the court in the molestation case.

Meanwhile, state Human Rights Commission directed Puri
SP to ensure investigation. Its Director (Investigation) was
also asked to ensure that the victim gets treated at Capital
Hospital where the authorities had referred her to SCB Medical
College and Hospital, Cuttack, three days ago.

The OHRC will monitor the case and its investigation,
an official of the OHRC said.

Puri SP Amitendra Nath Sinha said the matter will be
investigated by a special team. According to her father, the
girl was gang-raped and subjected to serious injuries by the