PM`s `Samdhan` waits to meet Gursharan Kaur

Ratnamala Patnaik, mother-in-law of PM Manmohan Singh`s second daughter, is anxiously waiting to meet Gursharan Kaur her `Samdhan` here.

Bhubaneswar: Ratnamala Patnaik,
mother-in-law of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s second
daughter Daman Singh, is anxiously waiting to meet Gursharan
Kaur her `Samdhan` here tomorrow.

"Dr Singh may not come to my house due to his tight
schedule. But, I am confident his wife Gursharan Kaur would
come here," Ratnamala told reporters.
"I have purchased a silk saree to present to my
Samdhan," Ratnamala, in her 70s, said.
Ratnamala`s son Ashok Patnaik, an IPS officer, was
married to Daman Singh in 1991 and the couple had been staying
in Delhi.

Asked about the menu for the PM`s wife who is likely
to take lunch with her, Patnaik`s elder sister Rajalaxmi said
"They are completely vegetarian. She also likes Odia food.
Therefore, we will prepare typical Odia food."