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Promote Sufism to counter terrorism: Muslim Students Organisation urges Modi

A Muslim body on Sunday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote Sufism as a counter to terrorism.

Jaipur: A Muslim body on Sunday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote Sufism as a counter to terrorism.

Muslim Students Organisation (MSO) of India, in a memorandum submitted to the Jaipur Collector, addressed to the Prime Minister, said the government should strengthen and promote Sufism by setting up Sufi centers in various cities.

Earlier, at a seminar organised by the group on 'Seminar - Counter to Terrorism' at Pink City Press Club, MSO president S M Qadri said that the ideology of Sufism is to counter terrorism and extremism.

Describing terrorism as the biggest issue today globally, Qadri said, "Unfortunately some people have termed terrorism as jihad. And some people think that Sufism is with musical instruments, wearing robes and sitting in dargah."

"Sufism is above barriers of religion, caste, creed or region. It teaches love and humanity and non-violence while terrorism teaches hate and violence," Qadri said.

Various other speakers at the seminar concurred that terrorism should not be linked to any religion.

Former Union minister Arif Muhammad Khan said that Islam propagates peace, harmony and brotherhood.

He pointed out that the word 'jihad' does not mean bloodshed and one who does so is not 'jihadi' but 'fasadi' (rioter). He also said that those who restricted others' religion, freedom and did atrocities were enemies of God.

Acharya Pramod Krishnan of Bhartiya Sant Samaj said that the concept of Love Jihad which never existed has been coined by fringe outfits to fulfill their political interests.

He said the people who have invented the term 'Love Jihad' do not have either love or jihad in their heart, and they have turned a good word 'jihad' ugly.

Another Muslim scholar said that ISIS or al-Qaeda can never make their inroads in india. He said terror outfits were working to overthrow democratic states to establish their rule. They have nothing do with any religion.