Nasa releases 56 patent technologies for public use

Nasa releases 56 patent technologies for public use

Zee News Bureau

New Delhi: If you are a techno geek or someone who keep a close eye on latest technological developments then then here's a bonanza offer for you!

NASA has recently releases 56 patents which are now available for unrestricted public use.

Along with this the space giant also launched searchable database to systemize thousands of expired NASA patents already in public domain. These database will help you download the technologies.

This scientific step is expected to benefit many private space technology companies like Bigelow Aerospace Space X, RedWorks whose findings are inspired by NASA researches.

“By releasing this collection into the public domain, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to explore new ways to commercialize NASA technologies.” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer program executive.

The new database named NASA Patent Portfolio showcases technologies developed for 15 different areas like aeronautics, communication, electrical/electronics, environment, medicine and biotechnology, It and software, instrumentation, manufacturing, materials and coatings, mechanical and fluid systems, optics, power generation and storage, propulsion, robotics and sensors.

Earlier also NASA has permitted small businesses to use its expired patents for free but it's the first ever the American space agency is allowing even the ordinary mass to access its collection of patents.