Bali bomb made in Pak with `rice ladle, scale`

Patek will face trial on six charges on Feb 13 for his alleged role in the Bali bombings.

Jakarta: An Indonesian terror suspect known as "Demolition Man" has told interrogators that he used a rice ladle and a kitchen scale to build the massive bomb that ripped apart Bali nightclubs in 2002.

According to documents detailing his interrogation, Umar Patek stashed the 700 kilograme bomb in a van along that the terrorists transported to Bali`s Kuta district and later detonated the bomb, which killed 202 people on October 12, 2002.

Patek had left Bali a few days earlier. His involvement ended after making the bomb.
Officials alleged that Patek had joined forces with the local extremist group Abu Sayyaf spending the next several years training militants and plotting attacks, including against US troops in the Philippines.

Patek will face trial on six charges in the West Jakarta District Court on February 13 for his alleged role in the Bali bombings and other alleged acts of terrorism.

But he would not be charged with terrorism offences over the 2002 attacks because Indonesia`s anti-terrorism laws, introduced in 2003, cannot be applied retrospectively.

He will, however, be charged with mass murder over the Bali bombings.