`Burgeoning India-US ties a threat to Pak`

US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to India has left Pakistan unnerved.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to India has left Pakistan unnerved.

According to a survey, an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis responded in “Yes” when asked whether the India-US growing cooperation poses a threat to Pakistan.

In another poll that asked if Obama can resolve Kashmir issue, most of the respondents did not show confidence in the US President’s role towards resolving the issue. Notably, Obama has already said it was in the interest of India and Pakistan to reduce tensions between them and the US cannot impose solutions to these problems.

In fact, the US leader’s India visit dominated the Pakistani Urdu media entirely. A number of editorials in Pakistani media expressed disappointment over absence of Pakistan in Obama’s Asia itinerary.

The Jang Urdu Daily’s editorial stated, “Obama’s visit to India was not hidden from people in our government, Foreign Ministry and concerned departments. They should have seriously reviewed the visit and should have convinced the US administration to include Pakistan in the President’s itinerary as this could have benefited Pakistan. But our government woke up and requested only when all his plans were already finalised.”

Meanwhile, an editorial in Express Urdu Daily stated, “The way the US is pampering India now, does not indicate that it gives equal importance to Pakistan. It is to be seen whether the US takes special steps (to allay Pakistan’s concerns) after its President’s visit to India.”