Gunmen seize 2 foreigners in Pakistan

Two foreign aid workers, out of which one is an Italian, were taken from the city of Multan in Punjab province.

Multan: Security officials say gunmen have abducted two foreign aid workers in central Pakistan. One is an Italian.

They were taken from the city of Multan in Punjab province on Thursday.

Police and intelligence officials said the men were seized from their office in a supposedly secure part of town before being driven off.

The officials didn`t give their names because of the sensitivities surroundings crimes involving foreigners.

Italy said one of its citizens was among the two.

Kidnappings for ransom are common in Pakistan. Islamist militants also abduct people and are currently holding at least three foreigners.

Last year, gunmen kidnapped an American from the Punjabi city of Lahore, and al Qaeda now claims to be holding him.

Bureau Report