Nepal bans smoking at public places

As per the law, those caught smoking at public places will be fined.

Kathmandu: Nepal has banned smoking at public places with the 2010 Tobacco Control and Regulatory Act coming into effect from Sunday.

As per the law, those caught smoking at public places will be fined and civil servants indulging in smoking at public places will be liable to departmental action.

The law designates government offices, corporations, educational institutions, libraries, airports, public vehicles, orphanages, childcare centres, cinema halls, homes for the elderly, cultural centres, children``s gardens, hotels, restaurants, resorts, girls`` and boys`` hostels, department stores, religious sites and industries as no-smoking zones.

According to Xinhua, Nepal Health Secretary Sudha Sharma said the government would carry out a mass awareness programme, highlighting the penalty for smoking in public places.

She also said that an inter- ministerial coordinating committee has also been formed to enforce the law to ensure citizens’ right to health.

The government has also made pasting of no-smoking notices mandatory at every public place.

The law also bans the sale of tobacco products and single sticks within a 100-meter radius of educational and health institutions, children``s homes, child- care centres and elders’ home, the Himalayan Times reports.

It also prohibits selling tobacco to an individual below 18 years and pregnant women.

According to the Act, advertising and sponsoring programmes in the name of tobacco-related products through media would attract a fine.