No free treatment for alcohol-linked ailments: Lanka govt

The move is aimed to disincentivize & hence discourage alcohol consumption.

Colombo: State hospitals in Sri Lanka,
which otherwise provide free treatment, will now make patients
pay for treating ailments related to alcohol consumption.

Aimed to disincentivize and hence discourage alcohol
consumption, the move will come into force soon.

Health ministry officials said state hospitals will
charge a fee from patients with alcohol-related problems
commencing this year.

"A circular in this regard will be issued within next
two weeks," they said.

Sri Lanka provides health care facilities free of
charge at state hospitals which have a wide network across the

The government says the move is meant to minimise
alcohol consumption.

The government has already taken several measures to
control the use of alcohol and drugs under a programme titled
"Mathata Thitha" or `Fullstop for alcohol/drugs`.


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