US welcomes lifting of travel curbs on Haqqani

Washington has said that it wants to see former envoy to the United States Husain Haqqani "treated fairly".

Washington: Expressing gratification over
the lifting of travel curbs imposed on former envoy to the
United States Husain Haqqani by the Pakistan`s apex court,
Washington has said that it wants to see him "treated fairly".

"We are gratified that the government of Pakistan has
lifted the travel ban on ambassador Haqqani, specifically the
Supreme Court of Pakistan, and that he`s free to travel as he
chooses," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told
reporters at her daily news conference.

"We continue to expect that Pakistan will resolve this
situation and other internal issues in a transparent manner
and uphold Pakistani laws and constitution," she said when
asked about the lifting of travel restrictions on Haqqani.

Nuland said she is not sure of any US visa application by
Haqqani, but if there were any that would be a matter of visa

"I don`t think that we necessarily needed a backchannel,"
she said when asked if the US indulged in any backchannel
talks on this issue.

"I`ve been pretty clear here, as has the Secretary, that
we want to see him treated fairly and that we were watching
the situation," she said.

The travel ban imposed on Pakistan`s ex-ambassador was
lifted yesterday by the country`s highest court, which also
gave the judicial commission two more months to complete its
probe in the memo scandal.

The scandal triggered a standoff between the civilian
government and the powerful military, which urged the apex
court to order an investigation.

The court also said that the panel would decide on
controversial Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz`s
request to record his statement outside the country.