Uma criticises Rahul for remarks on Hindu terror

Former BJP leader Uma Bharti claimed Rahul Gandhi was taking lessons from Divijay Singh to make statements against RSS for garnering Muslim support.

Lucknow: Slamming Rahul Gandhi for making
"irresponsible" remarks that Hindu radicals posed a bigger
threat than terror outfits like LeT, former BJP leader Uma
Bharti today claimed he was taking lessons from Divijay Singh
to make statements against RSS for garnering Muslim support.

She also alleged that the Congress "creates" terrorism
and seeks vote in its name.

"Congress is an irresponsible party...It creates
terrorism and seek votes in its name...LTTE was patronised by
Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and the organisation
ultimately took the life of Rajiv in a tragic incident",
Bharti told reporters in reply to a question.

On Rahul`s comment that radicalised Hindu groups posed
a bigger threat than outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Bharti said
Rahul should act maturely.

"Rahul is taking notes from Digvijay Singh...Rahul
should take class from me, should study a bit..He should not
make irresponsible comments", Bharti said, claiming that
Dijvijay was teaching Rahul to make statements against RSS to
garner support of Muslims to get their vote.

Alleging that Digvijay was fond of issuing
irresponsible statements, the former Madhya Pradesh Chief
Minister advised Rahul to take notes from her and read
historical facts about RSS before comparing it with SIMI.

"Jawahar Lal Nehru sought support of RSS in Kashmir
and even gave place to RSS in the Republic Day parade.It is a
historical fact..Rahul should read it", Bharti said.

On the issue of her return to the BJP, Bharti said she
was yet to take a decision on it.

"I had talks with L K Advani and Nitin Gadkari, who
wanted me to rejoin BJP as its office bearer. I wanted to join
NDA with my (Bhartiya Janshakti) party as one of its
constituent...I have not decided yet about rejoining the
party", Bharti said.

She also termed her projection as the next chief
ministerial candidate of BJP in UP as a joke.

"I do not know how this is in circulation that I will
be the next chief ministerial candidate of the BJP in UP. This
is the biggest joke of 2010...everyone should be cautious of
this as I have not yet decided about rejoining," she said.

Bharti said that when she talked about contesting
elections, it was for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and "it should
not be related in anyway with the 2012 assembly polls."

She also claimed that she had distanced herself from
politics after suicide of her sister-in-law, who was like her

Asking all political parties to clear their stand on
corruption and criminalization of politics, Bharti said she
did not want to engage herself in politics at this moment.

On Advani`s statement regarding her return to the
party, Bharti said, "Whatever he said is true and whatever I
am saying is also true".