Withdraw cases against Bhatta farmers: BJP

BJP demanded from UP government to take back the cases filed against agitating farmers of Bhatta Parsaul and release those still in jail.

New Delhi: BJP on Tuesday demanded the Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh take back the cases filed against agitating farmers of Bhatta Parsaul near Greater Noida a year ago and release those who are still in jail in the case.

In a letter to UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, BJP leader Rajnath Singh alleged the "atrocities and heartwrenching brutalities" by the police against farmers of Bhatta Parsaul a year ago had affected hundreds of farming families and led to the death of farmers.

"I demand from the UP government that the cases filed by the government in the Bhatta Parsaul incident be taken back and all those farmers still in jail be released immediately. All possible financial help should be provided to the affected families," Singh said.

The former Chief Minister hoped the SP government will try to think sympathetically about dealing with the grievances and problems of farmers of Bhatta Parsaul.

"A feeling of anger had erupted against this incident not only in UP but in the entire country. SP had also expressed its protest against this incident. So, when your party came to power in the state, a possibility has arisen that an effort will be made to heal the wounds of farmers and villagers of Bhatta Parsaul," Singh said in his letter.
He insisted in the letter that despite this hope, the cases filed by the government a year ago are yet be taken back.
"Due to this, Manvir Tewatia and other farmers like him are still in jail. Their families are not getting any help from the government," Singh said.