Buddhadeb renews attack on Bengal govt

CPI-M leader Buddahdeb Bhattacharjee on Thursday said that the Trinamool Congress-led state government had failed to properly govern the state.

Kolkata: Former Chief Minister of West
Bengal and CPI-M leader Buddahdeb Bhattacharjee on Thursday renewed
his attack on the Trinamool Congress-led state government,
saying it had failed to properly govern the state.

"Farmers are not getting prices for paddy, jute and
potato with the government not coming to their aide,"
Bhattacharjee charged during a CPI(M) rally in Howrah.

"Paddy has not been bought by the government because
it does not have money. Can this be a reason?" he said.
"We had tried to industrialise the state which would
have created jobs for the educated youth. But their policy of
government not having role in getting land for industries has
seriously affected the prospects of the state," he said.

"Not just industries, even setting up of power plants
are in jeopardy due to land issues," he said.
He claimed that his party was taking steps to bring it
back to the right path.

"We are taking the steps required to mould the party
according to the wishes of the people," the former chief
minister, whose land acquisition policy was widely held
responsible for the downfall of the party, said.
He said the strangers who had got involved with the
party were being weeded out.