Burdwan blast probe has alerted Bangladesh: BGB DG

The probe into the Burdwan blast case has "alerted" Bangladesh which is taking measures in this regard, a senior Bangladesh security official said on Monday.

New Delhi: The probe into the Burdwan blast case has "alerted" Bangladesh which is taking measures in this regard, a senior Bangladesh security official said on Monday.

"The National Investigation Agency (NIA) team has just visited Bangladesh. They have shared much information as far as this particular issue (Burdwan blast case) is concerned.

"Our team is also in India (for interaction with Indian agencies)...I think good interaction is going on between the two parties and as far as the issue is concerned, of course, that has alerted us and we will definitely take some measures," the Chief of Bangladesh's border guarding force BGB Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed said.

The BGB Director General has come to India on a special invitation of their counterpart BSF to witness the 49th Raising Day celebrations of the force held here today.

The DG, however, said the information exchange on this case has largely been between the investigative and intelligence agencies of both the countries and BGB was "not a part" of this team per se.

Maj Gen Ahmed said there are many challenges in manning the India-Bangladesh border and both the forces are taking measures to check illegal movement along this 4,096km frontier.

"Actually we have a lot of limitations on the border...It is so porous that it is very difficult to check (illegal activities). It is not only about India-Bangladesh border. You take the border of any other nation...The most protected border is the US-Mexican border and even they cannot fully protect against cross-border movement," the DG said.

The BGB DG said they have received a list of suspected militant and terrorist hideouts on their soil from Indian agencies from time to time but when it was checked, nothing was found.

"We have received the hideouts list. But when we searched the areas, unfortunately, we did not find any camps in our territory and as far as we are concerned our government has made it clear that we will not allow any foreign miscreants or any separatists group or any terror group to take shelter in our country and do nuisance to any of our friendly country. We will not allow that," he said.

Aziz said it was Bangladesh's resolve to cooperate with India on issues related to the border.

"Where there is a border, there will be trans-border crime. BGB as well as BSF are working together to fight this trans-border crime...The criminals do not have any nationalities. Smugglers, whether they are from India or Bangladesh, they are smugglers. We are fighting together. We have taken it seriously. We are taking steps against illegal crossing," he said.

BSF and BGB had planned, as part of their latest confidence-building measures, that top officers and other staff from both the forces will be invited to each other's ceremonial events like the one today in the national capital.

The Burdwan blast case, which came to the fore in early October in West Bengal, had underlined the suspected role of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) outfit to perpetrate terror activities. NIA and Enforcement Directorate are probing it.