Barack Obama`s campaign slogan is `forewarned not `forward`: Mitt Romney

Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, slammed Barack Obama for his recent remarks on creating a Secretary of Business.

Washington: Prompted by his visit to a recently shut-down business in Virginia, Mitt Romney has said that Obama`s administration campaign slogan should be "forewarned" and not "forward".

Five days ahead of the November 06 elections, Romney made an unscheduled stop on Thursday at Bill`s Barbecue in Richmond, Virginia which closed in September due to financial difficulties after being in service for more than 80 years.

"President Obama`s campaign slogan is `forward`; I think a better term would be forewarned. We`ve seen the results of the last four years. We got a lot of people who are hurting and they don`t want to see another four years like the last four years.”

"I mean, do you want to see four more years with 23 million Americans struggling for a good job?" Romney said at an election rally at Doswell in Virginia, a battleground State.

The Republican presidential nominee also slammed Obama for his recent remarks on creating a Secretary of Business.

"He (Obama) came up with an idea last week. He`s going to create a department of business, all right? I just don`t think another Cabinet chair is going to create the jobs that America needs.”

"I`m entitled to make sure that we get a President who understands business as opposed to tries to hire someone in the Cabinet who has a background in business," he said.

The Romney campaign told reporters during a conference call that the Republican presidential candidate is better placed than Obama before the November 06 elections.