China to crack down on sex-selective abortions

A government plan says efforts should made to "eliminate discrimination against girls".

Beijing: China on Monday vowed to crack down on
sex-selective abortion for non-medical purposes to balance sex
ratio in the world`s most populous country that traditionally
holds that only male heirs can preserve the families

A government plan released today says efforts should made
to "eliminate discrimination against girls" and continue
promoting gender equity.

"Using ultrasonic techniques to conduct non-medical sex
determination" should be strictly prohibited, the Outline for
the Development of Chinese Children (2011-2020) says.

The economic and social status of rural families raising
girls should be enhanced, it added.

China has implemented family planning policies for about
three decades that have restricted urban couples to just one
child, while ethnic minority families are permitted to have
more children, Xinhua news agency said.

Although the country`s population has been controlled,
illegal sex-selective abortions thrived in many parts of the
country, Zhang Feng, the province`s family planning official