Explosion at Moscow airport; 35 dead

An explosion ripped through the arrivals hall at Moscow`s busiest airport on Monday, killing 35 people and wounding about 130, officals said.

Moscow: A suspected suicide bomber
triggered explosives at Moscow`s busiest international airport
today killing at least 35 people and leaving 130 injured, in
the first major terror attack in less than a year.

"From the preliminary information we have, it was a
terror attack," President Dmitry Medvedev told officials in a
televised briefing, shortly after cancelling his visit to
Davos for the World Economic Forum meeting.

According to eyewitnesses quoted by Rossiya 24 news
channel, two blasts were heard in the international arrivals
sector of the Domodedovo international airport, 40 kms
south-east of city centre.

At least 35 people were killed and over 100 injured in
the attack at the airport, the report said.

RIA Novosti said there was at least one suicide bomber
with explosives with five kilo TNT equivalent. Investigation
Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said the power of the
blast was between 5-10 kg equivalent of TNT.

The bomb went off at 1902 IST in the baggage claim
area of the international arrival sector, Itar-Tass quoted
Tatyana Morozova of the Russian investigation committee as
saying. Interfax did not rule out that the explosives were in
a suitcase.

TV images showed people covered in blood running for
safety amid chaos and thick smoke. The suicide bomber with
metal pieces filled explosive vest was in the thick crowd of
people receiving the arriving passengers, Russian media said.

Those at the airport said the terminal was packed to
capacity at the time of explosion. Airport employees broke
down the wall between the main airport and the arrival zone to
allow passengers to escape from the scene of the destruction,
it said. According to Business FM radio it was a suicide

"According to preliminary information, the explosive
device was set off by a suicide bomber in the international
departures hall," the Interfax news agency quoted an unnamed
security source as saying.

Passengers from about 2 dozen international flight
including from New York, Dubai, Asghabat, Cairo, London,
Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Tokyo and Istanbul were around the
area of the explosion that was not far from one of the

Eyewitnesses said blood was splattered around and
the injured, many with severe wounds, were seen running for
safety. Domodedovo airport is Russia`s largest airhub in terms
of passenger travel.

Medevedev ordered that security be increased at all of
the country`s airports and transportation hubs after the

Last March, the Russian capital`s underground subway
system was rocked by two female suicide bombers from Russia`s
restive Dagestan region, who detonated their explosives on
busy metro system during rush hour, killing 40 people and
injuring more than 80.