Former US general McChrystal to pen book

Stanley McChrystal was fired after he mocked Obama admin in an interview.

New York: Stanley McChrystal, the general fired from command of US troops in Afghanistan after he mocked the Obama administration in a magazine interview, is to pen his autobiography, Penguin publishers has said.

McChrystal`s memoir, so far untitled, is due to be published in 2012, said Portfolio, an imprint of the Penguin group.

"Few people know who General Stan McChrystal really is," said Portfolio president Adrian Zackheim yesterday.

"Nor do people realise what a fascinating career he had for 38 years in the Army and what he can teach all of us about effective leadership under extreme pressure."

McChrystal is best known for his work in counter-insurgency strategy.

He was fired this year by President Barack Obama from his post as top Afghanistan commander after making scathing comments about Vice President Joe Biden and others in a magazine article.

He then announced he would retire. He is due to start lecturing at Yale University on global affairs.