Hilarious! When Aussie police got interested in Jai and Clint's party

Hi Jai and Clint. This is Victoria Police!

Hilarious! When Aussie police got interested in Jai and Clint's party
Pic Courtesy: Jai Motherwell@Facebook

Melbourne: The escapades of two young men from Melbourne have hit headlines Down Under after Victoria Police pulled them up over their plan to hold 'Triple J Hottest 100 Party 2016 at St Kilda Beach' on January 26.

Meet Jai Motherwell and Clint White, who appear to be two regular young blokes, but with a nose for some fun.

They put up a page on Facebook announcing their plan to host a party at St Kilda on Australia Day and within no time they got response from over 20,000 eager people, willing to groove with them on the hottest numbers of the year.

But Jai and Clint also ended up inviting more attention than they had bargained for – Victoria Police was interested in the party as well!

The police had a 'sweet' message for them: “Hi Jai and Clint. This is Victoria Police. We know this party is not sanctioned by Triple J, so we're assuming you haven't got any permits from Port Phillip Council either? If that's the case, we'll pay you a visit on Australia Day and let's hope we don't spoil your party!”

Jai later wrote on the page: “Okay, some of you would have just heard Clint White's interview with 3AW this morning. Most of you have seen the post by Victoria Police.”

“Clint and I have been on the phone all morning with media, local councils and the Victorian Police. We have decided to shut this event down. The numbers have blown way out of proportion and you can't trust 20,000 strangers to do the right thing. We will be working with the Victorian Police and local city council about this matter leading into the event.”

“Please respect our decision and share around that the event has been cancelled. There are plenty of other parties in St Kilda for Australia Day. Who's keen to catch Fatboy Slim?!”

Here's wishing good luck to the dudes!