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`India, China should work smartly on border issue`

Chinese official media said India and China should work in a "smart and sincere manner" to end the border dispute.

Beijing: Blaming "western colonisers" for planting seeds of territorial disputes, Chinese official media on Monday said India and China should work in a "smart and sincere manner" to end the border dispute and asked leaders to be vigilant against differences spiralling into confrontation.

As top Indian and Chinese officials held the high profile Strategic Economic Dialogue in New Delhi today, exploring chances of cooperation in various fields, India took the centre stage in the Chinese media for the first time after the recent leadership change here.

While the official CCTV extended high profile coverage of the SED dialogue, state-run Xinhua news agency came out with a commentary stating that there is more room for cooperation between the two countries than confrontation.

"The leaders (of both the countries) should stay vigilant so that the China-India relationship would not be jeopardised because of bombastic talk over the two nations` differences and potential possibility for confrontation, much of which originated in some Western countries", the Xinhua commentary titled `China, India share broad cooperation prospects despite border disputes`, said.

"For centuries, the two oriental civilisations were plainly peaceful with each other across the Himalayas. Then came western colonisers who trickily planted the seeds for territorial disputes between the two countries and even a brief border war in 1962", it said.

"Nowadays, the lingering disputes and competition between the two countries, excessively covered by many Western media, seem to have become what the two emerging powers` relationship is all about.”

"Yet the true story of the dragon and the elephant is that there are far more pages that could be written for cooperation rather than confrontation. That`s while their disagreements have been unduly exaggerated", it said.

Both countries should also work together in a smart and sincere manner to resolve their remaining differences over borders so that the territorial issue could be prevented from spiralling out of control, it said.

"It is comforting that the leaders of the two nations are willing to negotiate on the border problem. They also agree that the world is big enough for China and India to develop their own economies without inciting conflicts", it said.

But both Beijing and New Delhi should be well aware and prepared that it might take years or even decades to finally figure out a solution to their thorny territorial questions, it said.

The commentary said the fast expanding two-way trade has made China the largest trading partner of India while top companies from both countries Huawei and ZTE of China and Tata`s Jaguars and Land Rovers stepped up investments in both the countries.

While China could learn from India`s software prowess, India`s ambitious plans to expand infrastructure in the next five years provide numerous opportunities for Chinese firms, it said.

"When it comes to combating some of the world`s most pressing challenges such as climate change and promoting the representation of the developing countries in the international Monetary Fund and World Bank, the two BRICS members are also on the same page", it said.