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India-China ties showing `new characteristics`: Chinese daily

Chinese daily has said the relations are showing "new characteristics" after "effectively controlling" problems at the borders and "huge progress" on the trade front.

Beijing: Describing 2012 as the least problematic year in India-China ties, an influential Chinese daily has said the relations are showing "new characteristics" after "effectively controlling" problems at the borders and "huge progress" on the trade front.
"Since the beginning of this year, China and India have expressed their desire to deepen bilateral cooperation, achieve common development, and to jointly create a glorious future," the ruling Communist Party`s mouthpiece `People`s Daily` said in an editorial.

"Sino-India relations are showing new characteristics: the boundary problem has been effectively controlled; huge progress in economic and trade cooperation is also accompanied by some technical level frictions and trade imbalance worries," said the editorial titled `The world needs common development of China and India`.

Referring to recent comments in Indian media that last year witnessed least problems in bilateral ties, the editorial said, "Such views are the true portrayal of the current status of Sino-Indian relations with its genesis in the positive energy generated by the sustained and stable development in Sino-Indian relations".

The development of Sino-India relations to this stage is inseparable from the two countries` adherence to their own paths and steady and rapid economic development of both the countries provided strong support for Asia to become the engine of the global economy, it said.

"While international influence of China and India is constantly growing, so is the debate about Sino-Indian relations` `spill-over effect` extending to the third party and to the maritime issues," it said, referring to both countries expanding there spheres of influences in each other`s neighbourhoods.

"China and India, being regional powers, have their own geopolitical considerations in promoting relations with neighbouring countries. But as long as such considerations are targeted at long-term peace for Asia, does not view other regional powers as rivals, and are conducive to win-win cooperation in the whole region, they are bound to have positive spill-over effects, also contributing to the development of an Asia, free from dominance or interference by external forces," it said.

Enhancements of the regional and international influence of China and India do not mean increase in their friction points.

On the contrary, maintenance of cooperation in regional and international affairs between two countries will enhance mutual trust between them, providing new support for them to understand each other`s strategic intent, it said.

"Past 10 years are years of major development in Sino-India relations: the two countries established strategic and cooperative partnership for peace and prosperity with trade flourishing," it said.

But at the same it played down the trade frictions between the two countries saying that "the issues cropping up in the process of economic and trade cooperation are essentially different from the border dispute."

"Economic and trade relations between any two countries develop constantly through a repetitive pattern of cropping up of a series of problems and their resolution. The leaders of the two countries are confident of reaching the bilateral trade target of USD 100 billion in 2015," it said.

"Cherishing, maintaining and developing sound bilateral relations is the shared responsibility and interests of China and India. China will, as in the past, continue to attach importance to Sino-India relations, looks forward to close cooperation with the Indian side and to create a better future of Sino-India relations," it said.