Iran nuclear talks `very good`: Ahmadinejad

Iranian President has called for cooperation between world powers and Iran.

Tehran: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that the Geneva talks between the six world powers and Iran on its nuclear programme were "very good" as he called for cooperation between the two sides.

"The Geneva talks were very good and it is time that they (world powers) change the policy of confrontation to engagement," Ahmadinejad said in his first reaction to the talks that were held on December 06 and 07.

He said the "best way" for the two sides was to move towards cooperation.

"We are moving on this path and I hope in the talks in Istanbul and then Brazil and then Tehran, we will reach a framework of cooperation," he said, indicating that more talks may be held in Brazil and Iran after next month`s Istanbul round.

"This will benefit all, and everyone`s face will be saved," he said in an interview broadcast live on state television.

World powers led by Washington suspect that Tehran`s nuclear programme is aimed at making atomic weapons, a charge strongly denied by the Islamic republic.

The Geneva talks were held after a 14-month hiatus and will be followed by a second round of talks in the Turkish city of Istanbul next month.