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Rwanda takes initiative to save Congo peace deal

In a bid to prevent the return of war in Congo, Rwanda told a UN envoy it would unilaterally withdraw from front-line positions and hand them over to a small band of UN observers.

The Rwandan initiative would create a 200-kilometre wide corridor from Dekese in western Congo to Moba on the eastern shores of lake Tanganyika, where Rwandan troops and the allied Congolese rebels have clashed with President Laurent Kabila's army despite a year-old cease-fire.

Rwanda doesn't believe in a military solution for
Congo, said Rwandan Presidential Adviser Patrick Mazimhaka, who had made the formal offer on Tuesday.

The answer to a question whether we will go to war is
no. We shall try to convince the government in Kinshasa that a solution lies in negotiated settlement.

Kemal Morjane, a UN envoy for Congo, welcomed the
Rwandan initiative but warned, “This is something which we
need to discuss further for details with Kabila's government.”

The peace accord to disengage warring troops in Congo and make room for a UN force that would oversee their withdrawal from the country was agreed upon in April by Kabila, the rebels and five foreign countries backing one side or another.

Report : Zeenext Bureau