Saudi Arabia refuses UN Security Council seat, slams "double standards"

Saudi Arabia on Friday refused United Nations Security Council seat saying the body is incapable of resolving conflicts.

Zee Media Bureau

Washington: Saudi Arabia on Friday refused United Nations Security Council seat and said that the organistaion responsibile for the maintenance of international peace and security is incapable of resolving conflicts.

"The Kingdom sees that the method and work mechanism and the double standards in the Security Council prevent it from properly shouldering its responsibilities towards world peace," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Saudi Arabia yesterday won a UN Security Council seat for the first time in a new show of determination to make its voice heard, joining Chad, Chile, Lithuania and Nigeria in taking places on the key body.
Saudi Arabia, despite its oil power and standing in the Muslim world, has never competed for a place on the United Nations` most powerful body which has a key role pronouncing on conflicts such as that in Syria.

The conservative kingdom has several times expressed alarm at what it considers international inaction over Syria. It has been a major backer of the rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad. The Saudi government also remains a fierce critic of Israel.

Along with Saudi Arabia, Chad, Chile, Lithuania, Nigeria were also elected to a two-year term in the UN Security Council (UNSC), the organisation`s most powerful body.

Nigeria garnered 186 votes, Chad won 184 votes, Saudi Arabia 176, Lithuania 187 and Chile 186, said John William Ashe, the president of the UN General Assembly.