US wants bio-weapon to destroy human brain: Report

Tehran: A prominent political analyst has said the US has proposed a bio-weapon that would destroy the part of the human brain associated with spirituality, Iran`s Press TV reported Thursday.

"An apparent Pentagon video, leaked by hacker group Anonymous details US military plans to develop and deploy a biological weapon that would destroy people`s receptivity to religion in targeted Muslim populations," Kevin Barrett told Press TV.

Barrett said the proposed bio-weapon would be distributed in flu vaccines and would "alter human genomic expression to produce a sort of chemical lobotomy".

He described the Pentagon project as a "clear act of genocide" under international law.

"The culture of Islamic societies is an intensely religious culture. Indeed, it is strong religiosity that holds these societies together. The murder of the central feature of the culture of 1.5 billion people would be by far the worst genocide ever attempted or even contemplated," he said.

Barrett said the Pentagon plan was a threat to all of humanity, as religion and spirituality demand work towards justice.

Therefore, the US plans to erase all religious and spiritual resistance in the world in order to gain more power and invade nations, Press TV said.

"The Pentagon, whose job is to massacre the just on behalf of the wicked, would be happy - even ecstatic - if there were no-one left on earth who cared about justice."
"If they cannot kill off the just, the Pentagon psychopaths will be happy to give everyone a bio-chemical anti-spirituality lobotomy so that nobody will ever again work for justice in this world. This would, of course, signal the end of humanity," the analyst said.


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