Sonnalli Seygal's makeup hacks

The oldest and most common one is that you can use your lipstick also as a blush and eye shadow.

Sonnalli Seygal's makeup hacks Pic Courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Actor Sonnalli Seygal reveals her beauty regime and her makeup essentials.

Q) Your beauty secret.
Stay healthy. If you eat right, drink lots of water and stay in a happy mindful space, you actually look beautiful.

Q) Your beauty regime.
My beauty regime is my work out. I work out regularly and do yoga. On days when I don't have the time, I try to do at least a handstand or a headstand.

Q) What do you do to detox your skin after putting on makeup for longer hours?
I have an oily skin and I try and avoid makeup as much as I can. I have attended events with no makeup, except a dab of absolute BB cream. Letting your skin breathe and giving it the correct moisture makes it look perfect. I do go for regular skin cleanup though as there is so much dust and pollution around.

Q) What are the five makeup essentials in your bag?
Lip balm, mascara, eyelash curler, pressed powder and perfume.

Q) Three makeup hacks you swear by.
The oldest and most common one is that you can use your lipstick also as a blush and eye shadow.

People with oily skin keep powdering it. But I prefer using a tissue to dab off the excess oil. It makes the skin look really nice. The third is more of a mistake fixer. Sometimes when I feel too made up after applying your base and powder, I spray some water mist on my face or dab some water on it and let it dry. It makes the skin glow.

Q) One makeup without which you can't step out of your house?
Those who follow me on social media know that I cannot step out without my lip balm.

Q) What kind of makeup you prefer?
The no make-up look is my all-time favourite. I think I only go heavy once in a while on my eyes when I add a little brow under the eye or apply some eyeliner. I never put kajal though.


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