Vikas Bahl's ex-wife blasts Kangana Ranaut over harassment allegations, asks, 'What authenticity does she have?'

Vikas's ex-wife has come out strongly against Kangana for her claims of misconduct against the 'Queen' director.

Vikas Bahl's ex-wife blasts Kangana Ranaut over harassment allegations, asks, 'What authenticity does she have?'
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New Delhi: 'Queen' director Vikas Bahl, who has been receiving a huge setback professionally with allegations of sexual misconduct coming forth in the #MeToo movement, has finally found a support in his ex-wife. 

Vikas's former wife Richa Dubey has written an open letter on Twitter saying how Kangana is using as a pawn in her vendetta against Hrithik Roshan. She has retorted sharply saying that Kangana was always friends with Vikas and suddenly changed her stance.

Here's what she wrote in her post: 

"This is going beyond boundaries and tolerance level now. This is not a #MeToo but #meme. I want to ask all the omwen.. if a man makes you uncomfortable.. touches you inappropriately.. would you have a good friendship with that man? Would u not cut ties with that man and make your interaction minimum with that person or would you still giggle, go out wining dinning with this person? Or because you want to work with that man, because he's good at his work ... you are willing to bypass this? 

Especially, when you are strong, fearless gutsy person... I don't understand this at all! 

Here are the loopholes: 

1.No 2015, at Madhu Masaba wedding ... Kangana did an item number with Vikas.. a special room for her was booked, her entourage was there.. makeup, hair costume, the works.. why would you dance with a dirty man like this and take so much effort to practice and plan the dance? You could have done this easily with anyone else.

2. I read the several messages between you and Vikas which were extremely friendly till now.. with this media opportunity everything changed?? 

3. Having an affair with a married man or an Unmarried man is a woman's prerogative. You would know that... 

4. If she had a problem with an issue why didn't she speak up then.. They know each other so well.. U could have easily told him on his face if u didn't like this behaviour? She is extremely successful and even if she wasn't why would she compromise on her values. 

5. One of the articles I read she said she complained to Anurag... why would u complain to him.. since when has he become the boss of Vikas?? Whythe fierce and vocal fighter for equal rights kept quiet about Vikas if this was such a serious issue. you could have spoken to media or ten other senior important people? The loop holes are endless.. it's just pure slander! Please stop this nuisance. It's so difficult for women to come out and Speak about the harassment and abuse we go through.. don't make it disrespectful and this media game defeats the entire purpose of truth coming out! 

6. Who are you to call anyone.. trophy wives. they are hardworking career woman... that doesn't count is it? So only u can balance career and look good is it? Enoug is enough.. stop using Vikas for own vandetta.. it is not that cool. the world can see thru it. Please in the god's name now stop! 

7. Not interested in media battle with you as that's the thing you mastered and have full advantage of it and se your power of being a celeb? You must not be havig all the time in the world to plot, plan , PR agency and the works... I'm a working woman who has real commmitments and I don't have the time to battle and have a line of assistants to do things for me.. and I don not belieed you at all and don't care about what you have to say. 

8. I want to ask all the media what authencity does she have which Vikas doesn't have. Whose side are you on? Only interested in printing gossip as it's sell right? You have any idea how you destroy someone life by irresponsibly reprting anything.. anyone as a celebrity status can say anything. i sthere a free pass for them? You don't have the ability and intelligence to see what's going on? How can u without any checking with the person involved in it just go ahead nd print anything?

9. The whole hting is one bigg mess and ugly plot in the name of me too! Disgusting! Even though I'm his ex wife.. I cannot bear to this watch this dirty drama! Give the man a chance to prove himself.. let th truth come out before calling him disgraced and what now.. whe he will be proved right? what description would u give him then? 

Vikas Bahl has been accused by a former employee of now disolved Phantom Films of sexual misconduct. Following the controversy, several celebrities with likes Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan, Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Hansal Mehta came out and slammed the filmmaker for his 'shameful' act. 

While Kangana revealed her own share of horrific experience of working with the filmmaker, actor Hrithik Roshan expressed his disappointment over the same while asking the producers of the film to take a harsh stand on the issue if need to be.