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Photo Gallery: Find out what the stars have in store for you today-April 15, 2019

Sundeep Kochar | Apr 15, 2019, 06:41 AM IST

On home front, everyone will be supportive of you and will give you lot of love and happiness. Your partner will share your burdens. Relax only those who know how to handle the home will enjoy this bliss. You may get in touch with an old lost friend. Your health may take a beating and it is better to keep a watch on your health.


Give lot of time and attention to your family members and especially to your partner and children. Why not try to be a master chef today and make everyone in home happy with your gourmet skills? On professional front, you will find smooth sailing and you would like to keep that way for long.


You may receive a lucrative deal. Be more open to include everyone and share the spoils but ensure that you do not give to pass the benefits to free loaders. You will be satisfied and gain appreciation. You will be satisfied and gain appreciation.


You can make money from other sources today if you keep your instincts in control and do not enter risky ventures. On home front, today you will need to be a Santa Claus and shower them with gifts and treats to keep the home in peace. Your partner is yearning for your time and find time to enjoy the surprises waiting for you.


You will be feeling confident and will try to take any challenge. It is time to be grounded and not carry away with opportunities that indicate quick fix success. Your sense of loyalty and duty-bound nature may help you to mitigate some of those risky adventure. However, to get complete control, it is good to meditate and focus on spiritual self.


A venture shows signs of turning into a cash cow. You should try to calm down and judge the pros and cons of matters relating to your own future. Do not believe everything you hear. Act with caution in any investments that you plan to take today.


You will feel lot of good is happening today, but you will be surprised that the events are happening fast and thick. Be wary of your enemies who are out there to smear your reputation. Win them over through your tact and diplomacy. Be wary of your health especially relating to old ailments.


You should be open and candid about your own activities. If you get the chance to improve upon something, do so. Expenses may mount. Do not worry there are some gains also today.

If you are attached there may be unusual conversation between the two of you that may make you look at the relationship once again and ponder


You may be under some pressure today. This may result in some amount of confusion and unrest at your domestic front. You will need to curb your argumentative nature, as you be offending some key personal on the professional front.


Cupid smiles on those looking for love on the romantic front. The situation is delicate so do not be insistent especially for those who are in early stage of romance. You will be surprised how well you are handling, and your charm will be implemented by you successfully.


You may have doubted your capability about a certain project. You may need to get a clearer picture before going ahead with the changes contemplated. You must try to invoke a sense of urgency or else you may experience a loss in your impetus, which is very necessary at this point of time.


You will feel restlessness and may feel a bit laid back. You may want to implement certain changes at your workplace that have been put on the hold for some time. Eating right and remaining active will keep you on the go.

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