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Photo Gallery: Find out what the stars have in store for you today-August 13, 2019

Sundeep Kochar | Aug 13, 2019, 07:39 AM IST

At work, you will be presented with a lot of respect and love, even though you might not be at the highest position. But your hard work, effort, and ideas will be noticed by others and you will receive the respect that you actually deserve. Your opinions and ideas will also be taken into heavy consideration, and you might also get a chance to climb the progressive ladder.


Today, you’re going to be the knight in shining armour for a lot of people. You have the right advice and opinions that they’re looking for. This means that you’ll see a lot of people coming to you for help in different areas. You’re going to be more like a guru to most - and your opinions are going to matter a lot to people in your life today.


Act on your instincts and nothing will go wrong today. Sometimes, when we listen to others, we tend to stray away from what we are actually looking forward for. So make sure you only listen to yourself today, so that you don’t have that second thought before doing anything. You know what’s best for you, and it’s best if you listen to your inner voice.


Your emotional side is always the one that comes out when something happens. Today, put your emotions on the back burner and let your mind take over. Sometimes you need to think with your brain rather than your heart, and this is one of those days. You’ll find yourself thinking very rationally when thinking with your head; and you’ll also find yourself succeeding at a lot of tasks.


You should look a little into yourself today, and evaluate your emotions. You’ve been acting out a lot lately and people around you are starting to notice. This isn’t the best for you, as this might bring your credibility down in front of others. So make sure you try to reach out to yourself and understand where all this emotion is coming from.


Gossiping isn’t a happy trait Virgo. If you’re talking about someone today, then make sure you don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say if they were standing in front of you. It’s best to speak your mind in front of the person themselves instead of talking behind their backs.


Today is going to be an action filled day for you, in the best way possible. You’re going to have a lot to do, and the good news is that you’re actually going to get it all done in the easiest way possible. Along with that, you’re going to have a lot of helping hands, so make sure you make the best out of it.


You might want to keep a check on your health today. You’ve been eating out a lot, and you’ve also been straying away from your work out. This isn’t good for you. Today, make sure you eat healthy and try to find time to work out so you can get your health back on track. Also, stay away from cold drinks and food and drinks that might harm your health.


It’s important to step outside and feel the air today. You’ve been holding onto your comfort zone way too much and this is causing your productivity to take a step back. However, take a walk outside, or go for a drive - and you’ll find your inspiration hitting back into your head.


You’re used to stretching yourself for others even though they might not notice it. Remember that people who don’t realise how much you do for them, don’t deserve you. Keep yourself away from the people who are toxic to you and your mental sanity and surround yourself with ones who want the best for you.


It’s a good day to make important decisions today. Your mind is in a clear place and you know what you want. Today, if you have any heavy decisions to make, your instincts are likely to be right about them. So leave all your tasks aside and finalise the things you haven’t been able to.


It might be a little hard for you to take control of things today. But don’t worry, today will pass faster than you think it will. Things might not work out the way you want, but don’t get agitated over this. Things will fall into place eventually, you just need to have patience. Bad days come to everyone, you just need to let yours pass.

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