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Photo Gallery: Find out what the stars have in store for you today—September 25, 2018

Sundeep Kochar | Sep 25, 2018, 06:43 AM IST

Check out today's predictions for Aries - September 25, 2018

It's a new day, a new beginning. Its all about starting life afresh. So as you begin a new journey, find out what the stars have in store for you today. There are twelve zodiac signs and each has its distinct feature. Be it, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces - each of the signs has something unique to tell. 

Check out today's predictions by Sundeep Kochar.


You will be in surprise as you will be creating lot of attention with opposite sex. Please try and spend more time and calm your spouse or partner’s nerves. Take them for an outing or short trip and keep them happy. You will have a good day and it is good to start activity that is of larger public interest.

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Check out today's predictions for Taurus - September 25, 2018

You may feel burdened. Try to avoid conflicts. Avoid risk taking in new investments. Do not over stress yourself and be positive. You will be facing resistance in your work front. Your emotional side will be active today and will test your mental state of mind. By end of the day you will find you will feel you are drained. Take some good rest and think positive. Everything happens for a reason.

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Check out today's predictions for Gemini - September 25, 2018

Your romantic behaviour will be perceived as flirtatious behaviour today and will create doubt in your loved ones. This is unlike you who believes in methodical planning and steadfast focus. The phase is temporary. Try to avoid driving as you may not in best of state of mind to focus. Seek the support of friends and family and spend time with them more today to keep yourself amused.

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Check out today's predictions for Cancer - September 25, 2018

For those who are married be grounded and keep yourself in control. You will find people of opposite sex will be attracted to you. You will see lot of these fall in your way with minimal of effects. Try to focus on greater things when things are going your way. Overall a good day for you.

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Check out today's predictions for Leo - September 25, 2018

Your diplomacy may be tested, and this will create confusion in your mind. Try to be calm and meditate. You will be feeling lethargic and with lack of motivation. Why force yourself and instead reflect on your inner self by silent prayers. Use it to your advantage today and find ways to add value.

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Check out today's predictions for Virgo - September 25, 2018

You will be drained by the end of the day, but you will still feel fresh and elated. You will be centre of attention and may win some accolades. Try to avoid speculation in matters relating to shares or real estate investments.

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Check out today's predictions for Libra - September 25, 2018

Your day will be full of activities and you will find hard to even take small break. Your persistence focus to any task will become a liability today. It will be perceived as stubbornness today. Relax and lie low today. You have abundance patience and use to your advantage today.

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Check out today's predictions for Scorpio - September 25, 2018

You may meet some old and influential contact that may create doors for opportunities. Your partner and loved ones will be supportive of you. You have innate ability to think deep and understand the various complex issues Eat carefully as you may end up with indigestion.

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Check out today's predictions for Sagittarius - September 25, 2018

Be gracious and smart as you may win your opponents and who knows in future they may be your allies. Your family members will be supportive of your initiatives today. You will be rewarded for your leadership skills. You may take some travel and ending up with some romantic liaison.

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Check out today's predictions for Capricorn - September 25, 2018

You will be more inclined to spiritual matters and it is not a bad state to be in. You may need to curb your inner conflict to choose between romance, travel and spirituality. Find a way to combine all the three to get maximum benefits of your emotional state. You will feel lazy and with lack of motivation.

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Check out today's predictions for Aquarius - September 25, 2018

You may have some obstacles especially if you are planning to start a new venture. Your loved ones may think you are obstinate and stubborn and may not understand your true intentions today. Just be yourself and do not react as it is just a temporary phase.

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Check out today's predictions for Pisces - September 25, 2018

You will be successful in all the areas that you want to focus on. Be it romance or in your profession or in your finances. You will be attracting lot of people from opposite sex and your charm can be very alluring. You will be riding wave of success with a combination of monetary gains and victory over your opponents.

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