Photo Gallery: Find out what stars have in store for you today—November 13, 2018

Sundeep Kochar | Nov 13, 2018, 08:22 AM IST


Use this time to build and plan for long-term goals. A personal venture may be on cards and just be careful and start only after proper evaluation. Avoid mental tension or stress, which can lead to health problems. There are a lot of matters that need you to be calm and level-headedness. 



Your decisions will have far reaching implications and take every decision with lot of deliberations. Your family may need to spend time with them and it will tough balancing act today. Be careful when you are driving today. Financial and professional success will keep you focused and motivated today. 



It is time a take a break and relax and approach with level headedness on your personal front. You will then need not worry about how manage your personal relationships and the equations with the loved ones. On your professional side, take each step at a time. Use your diplomacy to best use as you need all your skills to avoid confrontation at your work place. 



You may be excited and have strong urge to invest your money in speculative market like shares or even further risky investments like gambling and others. Be grounded and not be over confident Keep a positive outlook in life and you will find things easy. Compromises though not in your liking may be effective to avoid conflicts.



Meditation and inner tranquillity bring peace. Take it naturally and allow nature to take its own course. Be positive and positivity will bring new energy to move to new challenges. You may face some financial concerns and it is good to manage your expectations 



Be ready to have a new vision and a positive outlook as new experience and opportunities await you. You realize success, prosperity and wealth gained through business acumen and professional expertise You will have maximum support from your family and friends and this will add sparkle to your social life. 



You will be centre of attention and mundane issues will keep you busy. Try to avoid mundane and earthy issues and focus on a bigger picture. Health problems need to be attended to and resolved or they can linger for a long time. You realize the futility of gain and spend therapeutic time in meditation.



Beware of the opposite sex as they can be revengeful and domineering and will put brakes on your ideas. Be gentle and caring when expressing hard truths. You will be confident, intense and individualistic in professional matters taking decisions swiftly and clearly. One cycle of your life is completed, and you enter a new one at the end of the day.



You will have a good day today filled with fun and hospitality and you will have good time spending with your family and loved ones. Your family will be supportive of you and it is good time to address many long-standing issues that needs to be addressed. Despite completion, devotion to creativity and hard work must be continued. 



You attract the right people and opportunities that take you in a progressive direction. You may meet some influential person in business and may like to build forge new partnership with the person. You will find mixed support from your family and your colleagues and you will be unsure of who will support you and who will oppose you at any time.



It is best to avoid a heavy or serious attitude in personal transactions. You feel inspired by an influential person and will like to share your creative energy, experience and special skills to achieve a common goal at work. 



You are much on demand today, which make an impact on some well- known personalities and interesting people. Your head and heart pull you in different directions when it concerns family, children and close friends.

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