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Photo gallery: Find out what the stars have in store for you today—October 18, 2018

Sundeep Kochar | Oct 18, 2018, 06:42 AM IST

You will find yourself to take some bold decisions and it is a good thing to do.  Your partner will be impressed with your aggression and passionate behaviour and will be pleasantly surprised. Just do not cross your limits and be guarded. Overall a good day to be in.   


You want to plan first, evaluate and study and prepare first before taking any decisions. The best way to avoid this conflict today is move away and take a break. People may think that you are not serious in your work and life and only focus on pleasure and enjoyment. Equally there may be people who will see you as a fun to be with and an intellect person.   


People will look for you to lead and you will find yourself as a mass leader. However, you want to focus on spiritual matters and this conflict will be troubling you. You may find yourself moody and want to draw yourself alone and focus on your work You will become a fatherly figure though you yourself will yearn for advice from teacher or even your father. 


You will be tested on your loyalty from your family members. It means that it is time you spend some of your quality time with your family members. For those who are looking for a change at work place or looking for new business venture, it is time to put plans in action.  However, not all is that bad and it is just perception and if you can see as opportunity then you find new goals in life. 


You will like to speculate and gamble on risky investments or take some risky decisions which you are not. It is good to use your mass leadership attractiveness and channel that activity, energy to spiritual matters and goals. Your team, peers and superiors including your family members are supportive of you. Overall a good day to be in.


Try and control your temper and just meditate to calm your nerves. Your philosophical nature and far sighted vision will be respected even by your opponents and they too will learn good things from you today. Your children will give you solace, and it is best to close to them. 


There is a possibility that people will misconstrue your speech. You will be focused on spiritual matters and people will look for you to seek guidance. There are days when even the king of the jungle needs to lie low as sometimes the forces of nature may not act on your side   


You will be driven by circumstances and those who prefer to lie low it is good time to take a break. This is one of those days where you find things do not happen your way. Be careful with your investments and this is the time to focus on diplomacy and trust building  


You will be rewarded or recognised for your leadership skills. You will be given some key roles or task at your work place. You will find peace and peace is best cure for all problems. Travel related to spiritual places is on cards. 


Your planning, your hard work will be rewarded today, and you may be asked to start a new initiative at your work place. You will gain trust and support from all quarters of life. Try to take care of your health as it can suffer due to your long hours of working.   


You will be busy in organising a party It will be a day where you will be meeting people of talent and you will get connected with them emotionally. Good to be in good books with everyone. First to those who are in love, be bold enough and plan to get married.   


Your peers and colleagues may want you to engage with them which may make you angry and give irritation. It is time to focus on your wants than on needs and set your goals and objectives. Short travel is on cards. 


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