Rajasthan shocker: Male nurse botches delivery, splits baby in half, leaves head in womb

The unfortunate incident took place in Rajasthan's Ramgarh district on January 6.

Rajasthan shocker: Male nurse botches delivery, splits baby in half, leaves head in womb

RAMGARH: In a shocking incident, a male nurse at a government hospital in Rajasthan's Ramgarh district is said to have botched a difficult delivery during which he pulled the foetus so hard that it broke into two parts.

The shocking incident took place on January 6.

Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission has taken cognizance of the incident and sought a report from Jaisalmer SP and CMHO, reported ANI.

The carelessness and the insensitivity shown by the accused male nurse and his colleague endangered the life of the mother, who is said to be fighting for her life in the hospital. 

After the botched delivery, the accused male nurse and his colleague took the torso of the baby to the mortuary of the hospital and asked the family of the victim to take her to Jaisalmer for further treatment.

However, this was not enough as the two nursing staff of the Ramgarh hospital left the placenta in the mother's womb.

They later lied to the gynaecologist at Jodhpur Umaid Hospital that they had finished the delivery. 

Later, a team of doctors headed by Dr Ravindra Sankhla operated the victim again and found that the foetus` head was left in the mother's womb. 

"The reports from the Ramgarh health centre stated that delivery had been done. Also, the family didn't inform that the head of the baby was inside the womb. On examining her, I found the placenta to be hard and referred her to Jodhpur," Dr Sankhla, Jawahar Hospital, Jaisalmer, said.

The doctors then informed the victim's family members about the whole incident.

Woman's husband later lodged a complaint against the Ramgarh hospital staff for alleged dereliction of duty.

However, no arrest has been made in the connection with the case as yet.

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