Abbas calls on ICC to keep close watch on IPL 5 after spot-fixing claims

Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Zaheer Abbas has asked the International Cricket Council (ICC) to keep a close watch on the fifth edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) following the recent cricket spot-fixing incidents.

“The ICC may have dismissed the recent reports quoting an Indian bookmaker but it would be prudent that a close watch is kept on the IPL. The IPL is tailor made for bookmakers who want to bet on cricket,” Abbas was quoted as saying.

He called on the ICC to play a more proactive role on IPL taking spot-fixing reports into account though it is a domestic event of the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Abbas, also known as the Asian Bradman, described spot-fixing as a menace to international cricket that could never be completely wiped out.

“It can’t be eradicated completely. Because till cricket is played people will gamble and bet on matches. But yes definitely authorities can take control steps to ensure the sport is kept as clean as possible,” The Daily Times quoted him, as saying.

He expressed fears that cricket fans might lose credibility of the game after spot-fixing reports.

“It is the credibility of cricket that is at stake. I don’t want to see that day when people don’t believe in results. Already people express doubts over matches during interactions,” he said.

Abbas said it was unfortunate that Pakistan players had been found involved in spot-fixing but it would be foolhardy to believe other countries were not involved in it

“The level of involvement is there but unfortunately only our players have been caught as the culprits while players from other countries don’t feature in this list. Partially I think this is to do with the level of influence and power a board has,” he added.