Akram disappointed at reports of Pakistan’s exclusion from IPL

Karachi: Former captain and bowling great Wasim Akram has expressed disappointment that Pakistan cricketers are again likely to miss out of the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League.

“From what we are hearing Pakistani players will again not be in the IPL and this is so disappointing because frankly speaking I personally feel without our players the IPL loses much of its charm and competitive edge,” Wasim told reporters here on Wednesday.

Wasim pointed out that if top players like Shahid Afridi or Abdul Razzaq were not allowed to take part in the IPL it would affect the reputation of the tournament.

But the former fast bowler also blamed the Pakistan Cricket Board for not doing enough to ensure Pakistani players take part in the IPL fourth edition.

“Even if the Indian board had not shown keenness I think our board should have taken the initiative and shown interest in sending our players to the IPL and also sending their names to the Indians. An effort to remove any misunderstandings should have been taken by our board,” he added.

Pakistani players took part in the inaugural edition of the IPL in great numbers but have not appeared in the next two editions mainly due to the fallout of relations between the two countries in the wake of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Wasim said the IPL was a mega event and unique in itself and every country should have its representation in the event.

He also advised senior batsman, Mohammad Yousuf to stop cribbing and practically prove his fitness.

“It is fine to say I am fit but I think it is time for Yousuf to prove his fitness practically. It is not enough to just say you are fit,” said Akram.

He said the selectors had taken a correct decision in laying emphasis on fit players.

Wasim also called for more clarity in Pakistan cricket affairs.

“Right now there is no clarity at all in everything and no body knows what is happening what is white and what is black and obviously this is affecting the players and they are also confused as to which directions things will go. It is time to clear this confusion and be clear about things.”

“If steps are not taken to bring more clarity in Pakistan cricket then I fear our cricket will only go further downhill,” Wasim said.

He also said that talking about discipline was not enough.

“There is nothing stopping the board from taking action against players who are not disciplined. But our problem is that our board takes an action and then changes it in a few days and this sends a wrong message to the offenders and young players as well,” he said.