Aussies have problems against swing bowling: Rohit Sharma

Canberra: The face-off is still some days away but Indian batsman Rohit Sharma has already spotted a chink in the Australian armour, saying the hosts have problems against swing bowling and his team would look to capitalise on this when the Test series starts in Melbourne on December 26.

"That they are having a batting camp is a good sign. Hopefully we know their weaknesses. We will keep that in mind going into the first Test. We will work out whatever we need to, we need to put pressure on them rather than take it on us," Sharma said.

Australia has suffered regular batting collapses in recent past with scores like 47 (against South Africa) and 136 (against New Zealand) recorded in the last month and a half.

The worry has got to Cricket Australia and they have ordered a three-day batting camp for its batsmen, beginning at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Monday.

"They had some problems against swing bowling. We are putting our thoughts together. There are still 10 days before we play our Test. It`s a good time to see what they are doing and what not correctly. We can put pressure on them," he said.

There is a competition for the number six batting spot within the Indian team with both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma staking their claims in the absence of Suresh Raina, who is out due to lack of form.

Kohli seems to have a head-start but Sharma said he wants to be ready when it`s a call-up time for him.

"There is competition between both of us which is a good sign. But we don`t want to put pressures on us. Whatever happens, happens for the best. My job is to score runs and then leave it for the selectors to decide," he said.

Besides runs, Sharma said he wants to be ready when he is given a call-up for Tests.

"There is always scope for improvement; there are some areas we are working on. I don`t want to be seen as someone who wasn`t prepared when he got the chance," he said.

"Trevor and Duncan and few other senior players are helping me out. I know Test matches are completely different and I want to be completely ready when the moment comes," he added.