Call off Pak tour of England: Stewart, Flower

London: Bewildered after the latest match-fixing allegations against Pakistani cricketers, England coach Andy Flower and former captain Alec Stewart have demanded that the series between the two sides be immediately called off.

"It devalues our Test series and it is devaluing this one-day series," he said.

"It supplants the story of the game with controversy of alleged cheating. There is also suspicion that some of what has been going on wasn`t how it should be. Our performances are devalued by that," he was quoted as saying.

Flower said if the series continues, the relationship between the two teams would be affected.

"I don`t want to go into detail, but things like this will affect the relationship between the sides, in general terms," said Flower.

Stewart said the if allegations that the scoring patterns in the third England-Pakistan ODI was fixed are true, then there is no point in continuing the series.

"If the latest allegations about spot fixing in Friday`s game can be proved to be true, or there`s enough evidence, I don`t see how the tour can continue," he said.

"The credibility of international cricket is on the line here and it`s important that the ECB make a stand. I appreciate it`s a tough stance. We have to be certain that Pakistan players were playing to orders from outside agencies.”

"But, if that was the case, I see no alternative but to end the tour as soon as possible. The England players can`t be expected to take part in a match that is so badly flawed," he added.