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Mumbai vs Saurashtra: Ranji Final, Day 3 - As it happened...

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Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 36.3 II Score: 82/10 ( Trivedi 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! That’s it! Mumbai have beaten Saurashtra by an innings and 125 runs to win the 2012-13 Ranji Trophy season. The last wicket to fall was that of Dharmendrasinh Jadeja. He became Kulkarni’s fifth victim as he went after a wide delivery going outside off stump and ending up edging it to keeper Tare. He scored 22 (35b, 4X3).

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 35.3 II Score: 82/9 ( Jadeja 22*, Trivedi 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! The stand has been broken. Captain Ajit Agarkar removes Jaydev Unadkat for 9. He was caught behind the wickets while trying to play an outswinger from Agarkar. Wicket No. 4 for the skipper. Mumbai just a wicket away from victory.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 28 II Score: 62/8 ( Unadkat 6*, Jadeja 6*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

The final session of the third day is underway and Jadeja starts it with a drive through point for a boundary off Kulkarni. Four runs from the over.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 27 II Score: 58/8 ( Unadkat 6*, Jadeja 2*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

TEA! It’s tea and Mumbai are in complete command of this final match. The second session has seen Saurashtra wickets falling like nine pins. They have already taken eight wickets and it should not be long before they wrap up the proceedings after tea.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 25.4 II Score: 53/8 ( Unadkat 4*, Jadeja 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! Sanandiya becomes Kulkarni’s fourth victim of the innings! A full length delivery outside off and Sanandiya goes after it. Gets an outside edge that is taken by Dabholkar at gully. He scored 16 (38b, 4X2).

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 19.6 II Score: 34/7 ( Sanandiya 7*, Unadkat 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! Mumbai are just blowing away Saurashtra batsmen one after another. Kamlesh Makvana leaves for the pavilion after edging an outswinger from Nayar to first slip where Shah completes a fine low catch. Saurashtra lose their seventh wicket. Mumbai are just three wickets away from sealing the title.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 13.3 II Score: 20/6 (Makvana 0*, Sanandiya 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! Angled delivery pitched on the middle. A slight movement and it sneaks past Jackson’s bat to crash on the stumps. Kulkarni gets another one! Jackson scored 9 (13b, 4X2). Saurya Sanandiya is the new man in the middle.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 9.1 II Score: 11/5 (Shah 6*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! The captain bites the dust this time! A pitched up delivery from Dhawal and Shah is beaten as the ball crashes on the middle stump. At this rate, Mumbai will seal the match today itself! Saurya Sanandiya is the new man in middle.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 8.6 II Score: 11/4 (Shah 6*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! Saurashtra are crumbling under pressure! Mumbai captain Ajit Agarkas seems to be having a gala in the middle as he picks his third wicket in just his fifth over. A length delivery from Agarkar and Vasavada shoulders arms. He gets struck outside off and the umpire raises his finger. Close call this from Hariharan. Sheldon Jackson is the new man in the middle.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 5.5 II Score: 5/3 ( Vasavada 0*, Shah 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! Another wicket goes down. It’s a disastrous start for Suarashtra as they have lost their three top-order batsmen with just five runs on board. Dhawal gets the extra bounce off the pitch and it hit the shoulder of Dave’s bat and flew to third slip where Chavan completed a regulation catch. In comes skipper Jaydev Shah.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 4.5 II Score: 5/2 (Dave 5*, Vasavada 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! Ajit Agarkar picks another wicket in Sagar Jogiyani. It was outside off with a hint of movement and Jogiyani went after it. He ended up edging it to wicketkeeper Tare. He goes fora duck as well. Both the openers are back in the pavilion now. In comes Aarpit Vasavada.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 4 II Score: 5/1 (Dave 5*, Jogiyani 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

The second session has begun and it’s Dhawal Kulkarni who starts the proceedings for Mumbai. The final ball of the over goes to the boundary after taking an edge of Dave’s bat through gully region. Four runs from the over.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 3 II Score: 1/1 (Dave 1*, Jogiyani 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

LUNCH! It’s lunch on Day 3 of the Ranji Trophy final being played at Wankhede Stadium between Mumbai and Saurashtra. The hosts were bowled out just before the end of the first session with 355 on board allowing them a lead of 207 runs. The visitors lost the wicket of veteran opener Shitanshu Kotak in the first over itself. By the end of the session they were trailing Mumbai’s first innings total by 206 runs with nine wickets in hand.

Saurashtra (2nd innings) Overs: 0.3 II Score: 0/1 (Dave 0*, Jogiyani 0*) [Mumbai: 355/10]

OUT! And Mumbai have struck in the first over of the second innings! Ajit Agarkar sends one towards leg and Shitanshu Kotak goes after it, attempting a glance but ends up edging it to a diving Tare behind stumps. He departs for a duck. In comes Sagar Jogiyani.

MUMBAI Overs: 118.6 II Score: 355/10 (Jaffer 132, Makvana 3/49)

OUT! Chavan shimmies down the track going for the aerial route towards legside but gets leading edge back to the bowler’ s side. Makvana runs and dives to take a good catch off his bowling to wrap up the Mumbai innings. Chavan scored 41 (56b, 4X6).

Mumbai have been bowled out for 355 in their first innings. They have secured a first innings lead of 207 runs.

MUMBAI Overs: 118 II Score: 353/9 (Chavan 39*, Dabholkar 0*)

Chavan collects nine runs from the over including two boundaries – the first of which extends the lead to 200 runs. The first one was played in the air to midwicket while the second scored to wide of long on region.

MUMBAI Overs: 116.6 II Score: 348/9 (Chavan 30*, Dabholkar 0*)

OUT! Kamlesh Makvana removes Shardul Thakur! A low return catch as Thakur drives a tossed up delivery back to Thakur to become his second victim. He scored 10 (22b, 4X1). In comes Vishal Dabholkar.

MUMBAI Overs: 114 II Score: 339/8 (Chavan 26*, Thakur 0*)

Sanandiya drops it short and Thakur employs the pull to send the ball racing past square leg region for a boundary. Five runs came off it. The lead is now 191 runs.

MUMBAI Overs: 111.4 II Score: 329/8 ( Chavan 26*, Thakur 0*)

OUT! Saurya Sanandiya removes Hiken Shah! Full and shaping away and it takes and edge off the bat of Shah and lands into the gloves of wicketkeeper Sagar Jogiyani. He scored 55 (141b, 4X7). Shardul Thakur is the news batsman in the middle. Finally a wicket for Saurashtra on Day 3.

MUMBAI Overs: 109 II Score: 327/7 (Shah 54*, Chavan 25*)

There was an appeal for a catch in the 107th over bowled by Unadkat. It was an away swinger. There was a sound as it went past Chavan but the umpire turned it down. Replays showed the bat had hit the ground.

MUMBAI Overs: 104 II Score: 312/7 (Shah 53*, Chavan 15*)

An expensive over from Siddharth Trivedi. 14 runs came off it including two boundaries – both coming from the bat of Ankeet Chavan. The first one was an edge past slip cauldron while the next was more assertive driven past bowler for a four.

MUMBAI Overs: 103 II Score: 301/7 (Shah 52*, Chavan 2*)

Hiken Shah has completed his fifty. He reached the milestone with a boundary off Unadkat employing a cut past point region. That boundary also brought up the 300 runs for Mumbai.

MUMBAI Overs: 97.5 II Score: 288/7 (Shah 42*, Chavan 0*)

OUT! Dhawal Kulkarni has to depart after edging one from Trivedi to first slip. It was a low catch that Kotak took brilliantly ending Kulkarni’s innings at 18 (60b, 4X1, 6X1). In comes Ankeet Chavan,

MUMBAI Overs: 94 II Score: 287/6 (Shah 41*, Kulkarni 18*)

STUMPS! Mumbai end the day with 287/6 on the board. Mumbai are now leading by 139 runs on Day 2. Wasim Jaffer scored a ton while Tendulkar scored 22 before being run out.

Riding on opener Wasim Jaffer`s record-setting 32nd hundred in the championship, Mumbai took firm control of their Ranji Trophy final against Saurashtra on day two at the Wankhede Stadium.

Jaffer scored a patient knock of 132 when other top order batsmen failed but Mumbai had enough useful partnerships to pile up 287 for 6 to take a 139-run lead.