ICC Women’s World Cup: India vs West Indies - As it happened...

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Brief Summary

And the Indian team has kicked off the campaign in style! They were put in to bat first and the openers did an exceptional job as they added 175 runs for the first wicket. Both Poonam and Kamini played some good shots and provided a solid platform for the rest of the batswomen.

Kamini played a special innings as she became the first Indian women to score a century in a World Cup. The Windies never looked like chasing 284 and the only moment when the Indian bowlers were at the receiving end was when Deandra Dottin was at the crease. In her short stay, the dangerous right-hander smashed 39 runs off just 16 balls.

The Indian bowling was commendable today. Their spearhead Jhulan Goswami led from the front with exceptional figures of 9.3-3-13-2 She was unlucky as she deserved at least a couple of more wickets. Niranjana was the pick of the bowlers as she picked three wickets in 9 overs. Skipper Mithali Raji would be extremely happy with such formidable performance shown by her team.


WEST INDIES: Over: 44.3 II Score: 179/10 (Mohammed: 10*)

And India have picked up the final wicket of Selman. And thus they have won their first match by 105 runs.

SC Selman c Jain b Goswami 2 (12b)


WEST INDIES: Over: 39.1 II Score: 169/9 (Selman: 0* )

Jhulan Goswami has finally been rewarded for her efforts with the wicket of Smartt.

TD Smartt c & b Goswami 6 (12b 0x4 0x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 36.4 II Score: 165/8 (Smartt: 6*, )

Malhotra tosses the ball up and Smartt throwas the kitchen sink at it but the ball turns away and the keeper dislodges the bails. Huge appeal and the umpire refers it to the third umpire. The decision goes in favour of the batswoman. A copy of what happened in the earlier ball and this time also Smartt survives.

Jhulan Goswami has been brought into the attack and India will be hoping to wrap up the West Indian innings quickly.

Sultana gets Quintyne stumped out this time.

SL Quintyne st Jain b Sultana 17 (31b 2x4 0x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 32.4 II Score: 146/7 (Quintyne: 6* )

The Indian bowlers are not giving away anything to the West Indian batswomen. Putting the Indian bowlers way has proved to be tough for the West Indian lower order. This time Daley rocks back and cuts one fiercely for a four. This time Malhotra gets the wicket of Daley.

SF Daley c Niranjana b Malhotra 28 (38b 3x4 1x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 29 II Score: 133/6 (Daley: 23*, Quintyne: 0* )

West Indies were putting up a decent partnership until Niranjana gets the wicket of Aguilleira caught by captain Mithali Raj. Quintyne is the new batswoman.

MR Aguilleira c Raj b Niranjana 18 (26b 2x4 0x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 25 II Score: 115/5 (Aguilleira: 11*, Daley: 12* )

Finally some much needed aggression from the West Indians. A four and a six in the same over off Gouher Sultana. Parwin is cut through point for a boundary by Aguilleira. This time Aguilleira gets three runs towards third man.


WEST INDIES: Over: 20 II Score: 84/5 (Aguilleira: 0*, Daley: 0* )

The West Indies innings is falling apart here. Nicely flighted ball from Gouher Sultana and Kyshona Knight is beaten by the flight as the ball turns in to crash onto middle stump. Shanel Daley comes to the middle now.

Kyshona A Knight b Sultana 11 (43b 1x4 0x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 19 II Score: 84/4 (K. Knight: 10*, )

Dottin is looking dangerous here. Another huge hit over square leg boundary for a SIX. Another forced drive past the fielder at covers for a boundary. That boundary is followed by a flat SIX over deep square leg fence. Fantastic comeback by Niranjana. She traps Dottin right in front of middle stump and the umpire has no hesitation in giving her out. Dottin was looking very dangerous.

DJS Dottin lbw b Niranjana 39 (16b 3x4 4x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 17 II Score: 66/3 (K. Knight: 10*, Dottin: 22* )

Deandra Dottin comes to the middle now to replace Campbelle. Dottin starts off positively with a backfoot square drive for four. She follows it up with a shot above mid off for a boundary.

Gouher Sultana into the attack now. Dottin smashes that ball over long off for a SIX. Another similar shot that goes over the long off fence for a SIX. Some much needed boundaries for the Windies.

NIranjana is smacked over long off for a boundary off her first ball off the over. West Indies innings has finally achieved some much needed urgency.


WEST INDIES: Over: 14.3 II Score: 38/3 (K. Knight: 4* )

Amita Sharma continues and this time Campbelle smacks it to square leg for a four. Another boundary for Campbelle, this time she cuts a slightly short delivery past the fielder at point. Much needed runs for West Indies. This one was smashed back at Sharma but she only managed to get a hand to it.

Nagarajan Niranjana is into the attack now. Good start from Niranjana, just two runs off the over.

Amita Sharma continuing from the other end. She bowls two consecutive wide deliveries. May be time for Mithali to consider giving her some rest. This time a bit too much of width o offer and the batswoman cuts it for a single.

Niranjana begins this over with a beauty that beats Campbelle outside off stump. This one goes down the leg side and the batswomen scamper through for a single. Another big hoik from Knight but she misses the ball. This time Campbelle is bowled by Kaur. Campbelle was trying to flick the ball down the leg side but she missed the line of the delivery and the ball crashed onto leg stump.

SA Campbelle b Niranjana 20 (35b 3x4 0x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 11 II Score: 20/2 (Campbelle: 10*, K. Knight: 1* )

Jhulan goes past the outside edge once again. Jhulan’s continuous outside the off stump line is making life difficult for the Windies batswomen in the middle. Fantastic over from Jhulan, just a single off it.

Amita Sharma continues. Her line and length has been immaculate and the constant swing has caused more trouble for the Windies batswomen. Just a single off the over.

Jhulan has bowled another fantastic over. Just a single off it.


WEST INDIES: Over: 8 II Score: 17/2 (Campbelle: 7*, K. Knight: 1* )

Kyshona Knight replaces Taylor. Sharma completes a very good over. The most remarkable aspect of her bowling has been the in-swing that she has continuously generated.

Jhulan Goswami continues from the other end. Jhulan bowls a maiden. This is really good stuff from India.

Amita Sharma continues from around the wicket, swinging in to the left handed Knight, who strokes it away for a single. Campbelle gets another single past the man at gully this time. West Indies batsmen are not looking comfortable against the Indian pacers. This time she the ball short and Knight does well to let it go past to the keeper.


WEST INDIES: Over: 5.1 II Score: 15/2 (Campbelle: 6* )

Amita Shrama beats the bat again and the Indians go up in appeal. The umpire checks whether the ball has carried to the wicket keeper. And India have got the big wicket of Taylor. West Indies are in big trouble here.

SR Taylor c Jain b Sharma 9 (19b 1x4 0x6)


WEST INDIES: Over: 5 II Score: 15/1 (Taylor: 9*, Campbelle: 6* )

Amita Sharma beats the bat a couple of times in this over as well. This time Campbelle manages to flick the ball past the fielders and she gets four runs for it.

Jhulan continues from the other end. Taylor gets a single down to fine leg. Jhulan’s line has bothered the Windies batswomen constantly.


WEST INDIES: Over: 3 II Score: 8/1 (Taylor: 7*, Campbelle: 1* )

Amita Sharma will bowl the next over. Campbelle takes a single off the second ball. Taylor is driving well but has not been able to pierce the field. This time Taylor smashes an over-pitched delivery past mid off for a boundary. The next one is short of a length and Taylor cuts it for a single.

Jhulan continues from the other end. Good line from the lanky pacer. The Windies batswomen are struggling to score runs off her. This time Jhulan goes past Taylor’s bat and the Indians go up in appeal but the umpire says not out.


WEST INDIES: Over: 1 II Score: 0/1 (Taylor: 0*, Campbelle: 0* )

Jhulan Goswami to open the bowling for India. India have got a breakthrough. Knight is run out to a direct hit from Kaur. Definitely not the kind of start West Indies were hoping for. Campbelle comes to the crease now. Jhulan is troubling the batsmen with her line.

Kycia A Knight run out 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)


India have scored 284 for the loss of 6 wickets in their quota of 50 overs. Kamini was the top scorer with 100 runs. There were also a few very useful contributions from Raut (72), Jhulan Goswami (36) and Harmanpreet Kaur (36). For the West Indies Dottin was the pick of the bowlers with 3 wickets for 32 runs.


INDIA: Over: 50 II Score: 284/6 (Sharma: 7*, Mithali: 1*)

Kaur is in a dangerous mood as she smashes one from Dottin for a four. This time she falls trying to hoik one over mid off. Finally Mithali Raj comes out to face the final deliveries of the innings.

H Kaur c Selman b Dottin 36 (22b 4x4 2x6)


INDIA: Over: 48 II Score: 274/5 (Kaur: 32*, Sharma: 5*)

India have lost another wicket. Mix up between the two batswomen and India lose Niranjana. Amita Sharma replaces her in the middle. Sharma cuts one through backward point for four. Kaur smashes the last ball off the over for another four.

N Niranjana run out 2 (5b 0x4 0x6)


INDIA: Over: 48 II Score: 265/4 (Kaur: 28*, Niranjana: 2*)

Nagarajan Niranjana comes to the middle at the fall of Malhotra’s wicket. Kaur smashes Dottin for two boundaries in the over.

Taylor is smashed straight down the ground for a SIX.


INDIA: Over: 46.1 II Score: 246/4 (Kaur: 11*)

Reema Malhotra replaces Jhulan Goswami in the middle. Kaur pulls off a sweep shot for a SIX. The scoring rate has been affected by the fall of Jhulan’s wicket.

India have lost Malhotra this time, She tried to hoik it over mid off but the ball took the outside edge and lobbed up to the fielder at point.

R Malhotra c Mohammed b Dottin 3 (6b 0x4 0x6)


INDIA: Over: 44.1 II Score: 231/3 (Kaur: 1*)

Harmanpreet Kaur replaces Kamini in the middle. Jhulan is gone this time caught at mid on. This has been a nice cameo from Jhulan.

J Goswami c Selman b Dottin 36 (21b 6x4 0x6)


INDIA: Over: 42.1 II Score: 224/2 (Kamini: 100, Goswami: 30*)

Jhulan carries on with her hitting two consecutive boundaries for Jhulan.

Kamini is gone this time. She hit one on the leg side and took off but Jhulan did not respond and Kamini fell short to a direct hit. This has been a wonderful innings from the left hander.

MDT Kamini run out 100 (146b 11x4 1x6)


INDIA: Over: 41.4 II Score: 216/1 (Kamini: 100*, Goswami: 22*)

Jhulan this time smashes one over the fielder at mid off for a boundary. Kamini takes a single to reach 99*. Jhulan seems to have the license to slog from the team management and slog she does for a four again.

Kamini on 99*. And she gets to her hundred with a sweep that gets past fine leg.


INDIA: Over: 40 II Score: 205/1 (Kamini: 98*, Goswami: 13*)

Jhulan Goswami comes to the middle now as a pinch hitter. Kamini survives a run out scare. A direct hit there would have had her but the bowler chose to be an audience rather than collect the ball and dislodge the stumps.

Jhulan moves outside leg stump and smashes the ball over the fielder at mid off for a boundary. Similar ball and similar shot from Jhulan gets her another boundary. This time its shorter and she flicks it from middle stump towards the leg side for a single.

Jhulan tries a similar shot but only gets a single this time. Kamini latches onto a full toss this time and gets it past the cover fielders for a boundary. 200 up for India. Kamini gets another one past covers for a four.


INDIA: Over: 37 II Score: 175/1 (Raut: 72, Kamini: 87*)

Kamini goes down the track and smashes Daley over deep square leg for a massive SIX. She hoiks one over mid on for a four. India are on course for a big total here. Kamini and Raut are both set and putting their foot on the accelerator now.

West Indies have picked up a wicket finally. Raut tries to sweep one but misses and the ball hits her pads right in front of the stumps. A fantastic innings comes to an end.

PG Raut lbw b Daley 72 (94b 7x4 0x6)


INDIA: Over: 35 II Score: 160/0 (Raut: 71*, Kamini: 74*)

Indian batswomen are producing some brilliant cover drives but have not been able to dissect the fielders. Singles are coming all too easily for the Indians and that has been a major concern throughout for the Windies.


INDIA: Over: 33 II Score: 147/0 (Raut: 66*, Kamini: 68*)

Kamini pulls off a beautiful cover drive past the fielder at covers for another boundary. West Indies have been sloppy in the field and that has not helped their cause. Selman into the attack and Raut Dilscoops her for another boundary. She follows it up with a booming cover drive for a single.


INDIA: Over: 30 II Score: 100/0 (Raut: 57*, Kamini: 61*)

Both Indian batswomen have completed their half centuries and are playing really well. West Indies are desperate for a wicket and have tried every trick in the book but have not succeeded. India are cruising along at the moment towards a big total. The dangerous Mithali Raj is yet to come out to bat.


INDIA: Over: 25 II Score: 100/0 (Raut: 47*, Kamini: 43*)

West Indies have been unable to pick up a wicket as yet. Indian batswomen are playing really well. Not taking any undue risks and are just playing the ball on its merit. However they have rotated the strike on a regular basis and have taken India’s score to 100 for no loss.


INDIA: Over: 20 II Score: 80/0 (Raut: 41*, Kamini: 32*)

Indian batswomen are doing really well here. Runs are coming easily and without taking any risks. Raut especially has been very innovative and has not let a single loose ball go in vain. West Indies bowlers have been guilty of bowling a bit short at times and have struggled to put a check on proceedings.


INDIA: Over: 16 II Score: 63/0(Raut: 33*, Kamini: 25*)

Quintyne comes into the attack now. She bowls with good flight and the batswomen can only get a single off the over. Raut tries another Dilscoop off Mohammad but this time she does not succeed and ends up making a few players and the umpire smile. India are well on course for a good total.


INDIA: Over: 13 II Score: 57/0(Raut: 29*, Kamini: 23*)

Another Dilscoop from Raut and she pulls it off once again for a boundary. Singles are coming all too easily for the Indians.

Anisa Mohammed is into the attack now. Raut pulls off a few good looking cover drives for singles.

Daley continues from the other end. Nicely cut by Kamini for a boundary. Daley continues to ball short and Kaimini gets backs and pulls for another single.


INDIA: Over: 10 II Score: 42/0(Raut: 22*, Kamini: 16*)

Indian batswomen have looked very comfortable in the middle. Except the edge that went past the fielders there have not been any nervous moments for the batsmen and runs too have come at a healthy rate. Not much movement on offer for the bowlers.


INDIA: Over: 8 II Score: 37/0(Raut: 20*, Kamini: 15*)

Kamini gets a booming drive past the fielder at cover for a boundary.

Shanel Daley comes into the attack now. She starts off with a very tight over. Just two runs off it.

Raut pulls off a Dilscoop this time and manages to scoop it for a boundary.


INDIA: Over: 5 II Score: 26/0(Raut: 14*, Kamini: 11*)

Stafanie Taylor to bowl the second over for the Windies. Kamini gets two runs through backward square. Good start from Taylor.

Selman bowls a very good over but the last ball is wide and Raut smashes it towards cover point for a boundary.

Taylor continues. Raut gets lucky this time. The ball takes the edge but goes past slips for a four. A single is taken off the last ball to retain strike.

Raut gets a single off the first ball. Kamini pulls off a beautiful straight drive this time for a four. This time Selman gets the edge off Kamini’s bat but the ball falls short off the wicket keeper and goes past her for another four.


INDIA: Over: 1 II Score: 5/0(Raut: 4*, Kamini: 0*)

Indian are opening with Poonam Raut and Thirush Kamini. Shakera Selman starts off proceedings for the Windies. She bowls a no ball and India get a free hit. Raut hits a four off the free hit.


TOSS: West Indies have won the toss and they have elected to bowl first.

Mumbai: India take on West Indies in the first Group A match of the 2013 ICC Women’s World Cup at Brabourne Stadium.

Both teams would be looking to start off on a winning note. India finished 3rd in the 2009 edition of the Women’s World Cup whereas West Indies finished fifth.

India have won 13 matches and lost 4 against the West Indies. They would expect their captain Mithali Raj to lead from the front. India also have the services of Jhulan Goswami, Poonam Raut, wicketkeeper Sulakshana Naik.

West Indies, captained by Merissa Aguilleira, would also be looking to start off the tournament on a positive note. West Indies have won the last two matches played against India.