ICC World Cup 2015: India vs Australia - As it happened...

Welcome to the live coverage of the second semi-final between India and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

ICC World Cup 2015: India vs Australia - As it happened...

New Delhi: In the second semi-final Australia crushed listless India by 95 runs at the Sydney Cricket Ground to reach the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Australia simply outplayed India in all departments. It means now the Aussies will lock horns with New Zealand for the coveted trophy on Sunday.    

India Innings

Over 46.5 || Score 233/10

Starc picked up the last wicket of Umesh Yadav as Australia beat India by 96 runs to seal a spot in the finals. 

UT Yadav b Starc 0 (5b)

Over 46 || Score 232/9

Faulkner picked up two wickets in two balls as he got the better of Mohit and Ashwin.  

MM Sharma b Faulkner 0 (1b) 

R Ashwin b Faulkner 5 (13b)

Over 45 || Score 232/7

Strac to bowl the over. MSD run out! Trying to steal a single Dhoni fell too short of his crease. Superb direct hit by Maxwell. Now the game is almost over for the Men in Blue.  

MS Dhoni run out 65 (65b)

Over 44 || Score 228/6

Johnson with his last over. Excellent over by the speedster as he conceded mere five singles. 101 needed of 36 balls. 

Over 43 || Score 223/6

Watson into the attack. MSD smacked two consecutive sixes off his first two balls. And with Dhoni completed his half-century in style. 15 runs from the over. 106 needed of 42 balls.    

Over 42 || Score 208/6

Johnson with his penultimate over. Four singles off the first four balls. Jadeja run-out! Smith hit the stumps within a flash as Jadeja fell well short of his crease as he tried to steal a single. 121 needed off 48 balls. 

RA Jadeja run out 16 (17b) 

Over 41 || Score 204/5

Clarke dropped MSD, as he couldn't hold on to the catch. Jadeja then cut Hazlewood towards point to get a boundary. In the meanwhile, India crossed the 200-run mark. 125 needed off 54 balls.  

Over 40 || Score 196/5

Faulkner with his 8th over. Another tight over as the seamer gave mere four in it. Eight from the over. 133 needed off 60 balls.  

Over 39 || Score 192/5

Required rate has reached over 12 runs an over. But Dhoni is still dealing in singles and doubles. Off the last came a boundary. MSD has to take some risks. 137 runs needed off 11 overs. 

Over 38 || Score 183/5

Another tight over by the Aussues as Faulkner gave four runs in it. 146 needed off 12 overs.   

Over 37 || Score 179/5

Rahane Out! Starc broke the partnership as Rahane edged the ball straight to the wicket-keeper. Big blow for India. Ravindra Jadeja is the new man to the crease. outstanding over the seamer as he gave mere two runs and picked up a wicket as well.   

AM Rahane c Haddin b Starc 44 (68b)    

Over 36 || Score 177/4

Batting powerplay. Faulkner to bowl the over. Now there five overs would be crucial for India. They have to score as many runs they can in these five overs. Dhoni hit a boundary towards point region as seven came from the over. 152 needed in 14 overs.  

Over 35 || Score 170/4

Johnson with his 8th over. Tight over by the pacer as he conceded five from the over. 159 needed in 15 overs. 

Over 34 || Score 165/4

Rahane smashed a boundary off the first ball by Watson. Then came a double off the 4th ball. Single off the last. 164 needed in 16 overs.    

Over 33 || Score 157/4

Johnson back into the attack. Clarke is juggling his bowlers. Off the third came a boundary as Rahane's outside edge ran towards the third man. Seven from the over. 172 runs needed in 17 overs.  

Over 32 || Score 150/4

Watson with his 2nd over. No run off the first four balls. Then came a single from Rahane's bat. Dhoni took a single off the last as India touched the 100-run mark. India need 176 more runs in 18 overs to reach the finals.   

Over 31 || Score 148/4

First ball, Dhoni charged Hazlewood by hitting him down the ground for a boundary. Then came two singles from the next four balls. Off the last came a boundary from Dhoni's willow. Ten from the over.  

Over 30 || Score 138/4

Shane Watson to roll his arm for the first time in the innings. Good opening over by the medium pacer as he conceded five from it.   

Over 29 || Score 133/4

Clarke is using his strike bowler Hazlewood in small spells. Superb over by the speedster, three from it. 

Over 28 || Score 130/4

Maxwell to continue. Rahane-Dhoni are dealing in singles and doubles at the moment. Offie conceded five in the over.  

Over 27 || Score 125/4

India need a big partnership from these two. Rahane has it in him to change his gears whenever required and same is the case with MSD. Ten runs from the last two overs.  

Over 25 || Score 115/4

Skipper MS Dhoni has come to the middle as India lose Raina's wicket cheaply. Seven runs have come in the last two overs. India need 214 runs from 25 overs and they have six wickets in hand. 

Over 23 || Score 108/4

Faulkner is back in attack. Rahane is middling the ball well. Raina slogged the bowler for a boundary towards deep square leg. Faulkner Strikes, Raina Out! Trying to giude the ball towards third man, Raina gave a simple catch to the wicket-keeper behind the wickets.     

SK Raina c Haddin b Faulkner 7 (11b)

Over 22 || Score 102/3

Indian batsmen have to take calculative risks to keep the required rate in check. Maxwell conceded four in the over and with that India crossed the 100-run mark.  

Over 21 || Score 98/3

Starc with his 5th over. Back-to-back good overs for Australia. They are giving no easy runs. Three runs off it.   

Over 20 || Score 95/3

Spin for the first time. Maxwell into the attack. Raina is the new man in after the fall of Rohit's wicket. Good over first up by the offie. One from the over. 

Over 19 || Score 94/3

Starc back into the attack. Excellent over by the seamer as he conceded mere three runs in it. India are on the back-foot after losing three wickets inside 20 overs.   

Over 18 || Score 91/3

Rohit broke the shackles as he hit Johnson for a six over. Rohit clean bowled. Ball hit the inside edge of his bat and clipped the bails off. Johnson is the bowler on that occasion.   

RG Sharma b Johnson 34 (48b)

Over 17 || Score 82/2

Hazlewood with his 7th over. He is generating extra bounce from the wicket. Another excellent over for Australia as two runs came off it.   

Over 16 || Score 80/2

Pressure is building up on the batsmen with every dot over. Kohli Out! Johnson picked up the crucial wicket. Kohli tried to pull the bowler, got the top edge of his bat and wicket-keeper Haddin took a simple catch. The speedster welcomed new man to the crease, Rahane, with a well directed bouncer.    

Over 15 || Score 77/1

Hazlewood has been disciplined thus far. He is not offering any room to the batsmen to free their arms. Super over by the lanky speedster as he bowled a maiden.    

Over 14 || Score 77/1

Excellent over by Johnson as he gave mere a single in it. That's what a wicket can do. 

Over 13 || Score 76/1

Hazlewood is back into the attack. Dhawan Out! The left-hander came down the track to hit the bowler over covers but found a fielder at deep who took a simple catch. Kohli is the new man in. 

S Dhawan c Maxwell b Hazlewood 45 (41b)

Over 12 || Score 71/0

Faulkner to bowl the over. Dhawan played his first ball down the ground to collect a boundary. Off the next ball he played at the same area to get the same result. Four runs came from rest of the over as 13 came off it. Excellent start by the Indian openers while chasing a big total of 300 plus. 

Over 11 || Score 60/0

Johnson to continue. Four runs came off the first four balls. Mitchell is not looking at his best Single off the next two. Five from the over.   

Over 10 || Score 55/0

Faulkner to roll his arm. First ball and India got a free hit the bowler overstepped the line. But a single came off it. Dhawan then smashed two boundaries to put the bowler under pressure. OOHH Gabbar then hit the bowler for a six over mid-wicket to collect 16 from the over.     

Over 9 || Score 39/0

Dhawan played the ball in the gap towards off side to collect two runs in the first ball. The southpaw then drove the ball towards cover region to his 2nd boundary off the match. Six from the over.  

Over 8 || Score 33/0

Another tight over by Hazlewood as he conceded mere runs three in it. 

Over 7 || Score 30/0

First bowling change! Mitchell Johnson into the attack. Rohit welcomed him by pulling him for a six over square leg off his 2nd ball. But that was the only scoring shot in the over.   

Over 6 || Score 24/0

Cautious start by Indian openers. Another good over for Australia as four runs came in the over.   

Over 5 || Score 20/0

Starc to continue. Nervy start by Indian openers. Rohit flicked the 3rd ball towards mid-wicket to run three. Big LBW appeal against Dhawan but umpire was not interested. Five off the over.   

Over 4 || Score 15/0

Dhawan pulled the Hazlewood for a boundary off the third ball towards mid-wicket. In the next ball, Haddin dropped Dhawan behind the wickets. Six runs from the over.   

Over 3 || Score 9/0

Openers have to give India a solid start as they have a challenging total to chase down. Tight over by Starc, two runs from the over.   

Over 2 || Score 7/0

Josh Hazlewood has the other new ball in hand. Single off the first ball as Dhawan opened his account. Double came off the 5th ball. Three runs from the over. 

Over 1 || Score 4/0

Mitchell Starc to bowl the first over. Rohit got lucky in the first over as Watson dropped his catch at 2nd slip off the 4th ball. Off the next Rohit drove the ball towards point to get a boundary. That was the only scoring shot in the over.    

After elected to bat first Australia put up a challenging total of 328 in front of India. In the last couple of overs Indian bowlers couldn't manage to contain the batsmen and leaked too many runs. Steven Smith's hundred was the highlighter of the innings.      

Australia innings

Over 50 || Score 328/7

Mohit to bowl the last over of the innings. First ball, double came from the bat of Johnson. 2nd ball, a single. Mohit is using slower one with good effect. Kohli dropped Haddin in the next ball. In the 4th ball, Johnson hit a boundary towards long off. The southpaw then smacked the bowler out of the park. Last ball, a single.    

Over 49 || Score 312/7

Shami to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Australia crossed the 300-run mark with a risky single off the 2nd ball. Mitchell Johnson collected three consecutive boundaries off the next three balls. Expensive over by Shami as he leaked 13 in it.   

Over 48 || Score 299/7

Mohit into the attack. First ball, Watson hit the ball towards cover for a boundary. Third ball, hammered towards deep mid-wicket for another four. Watson Out! The set batsman gave a simple catch to Rahane at mid-wicket as Mohit picked up his 2nd wicket.    

Over 47 || Score 288/6

Yadav is back. In the 2nd ball came a boundary from Faulkner's willow. Out! Yadav clean bowled Faulkner. Brad Haddin joined Watson in the middle. Superb over by the speedster as he picked up another wicket.   

JP Faulkner b Yadav 21 (12b)

Over 46 || Score 279/5

Jadeja with his last over. First ball, and a six from Faulkner's willow. Rest of the over by the spinner was superb as he gave mere eight in it.    

Over 45 || Score 271/5

Shami to bowl the over. In the third ball, Watson got the top edge of his bat and the ball ran over Dhoni head for boundary. Off the next came another boundary, this time towards mid-wicket region. 13 from the over.   

Over 44 || Score 258/5

Ashwin with his last over. Single came off the first four balls. Off the last came a six as Watson launched the offie for six over mid-wicket.  

Over 43 || Score 250/5

Another wicket. Mohit bowled a short ball, Clarke went for pull, miss-timed it completely and Rohit took a simple catch at short mid-wicket. James Faulkner is the new batsman to the crease. Another outstanding over as mere two runs came in it along with a wicket.        

MJ Clarke c RG Sharma b MM Sharma 10 (12b)

Over 42 || Score 248/4

First ball, and Clarke collected a boundary towards mid-wicket off Jadeja. Rest of the balls were right on the money by the spinner as seven runs came in the over.   

Over 41 || Score 241/4

Shami to bowl the over. India are back into the match. Two new batsmen at the crease means they have to spend some time in the middle before going for the big shots. Excellent over by the seamer as he conceded mere two runs in it.   

Over 40 || Score 239/4

Watson and Clarke have come to the middle as Australia lose three quick wickets. Tight over by Jadeja as he gave mere four runs in it.  

Over 39 || Score 235/4

Umesh picked up his 3rd wicket as he got the better of set batsmen Finch, who gave a simple catch to Dhawan at short mid-wicket. Australia have lost three wickets in quick succession as the momentum is drifting towards India, that too in the Batting Powerplay.   

AJ Finch c Dhawan b Yadav 81 (116b)

Over 38 || Score 233/3

Maxwell vs Ashwin -- a much anticipated contest between bat and ball. And Ashwin strikes! In trying to hit the bowler over mid-wicket Maxwell gave a simple catch to deep mid-wicket fielder. Excellent over as the offie gave just a single and picked up the crucial wicket of Maxi. 

GJ Maxwell c Rahane b Ashwin 23 (14b) ​    

Over 37 || Score 231/2

Maxwell at it's best as picked Yadav towards square leg to get a boundary off the 2nd ball. In the next came a massive six over long on. In the fifth ball came another FOUR from Maxwell's willow. Expensive over as 15 came off it.  

Over 36 || Score 216/2

Shami with his 7th over. Three runs from the first two balls. Boundary off the next as Finch clipped it towards fine-leg. Two single off the next two. Last ball, another single as ten came from the over.       

Over 35 || Score 206/2

Umesh finally picked up the wicket of Smith. The centurion tried to smack the bowler out of the park but couldn't connect it well and Sharma took a well judged catch at deep mid-wicket. Destructive batsman Maxwell has come to join Finch in the middle. Australia have crossed the 200-run mark as well.   

SPD Smith c RG Sharma b Yadav 105 (93b)

Over 34 || Score 197/1

Finch hit the first ball off Sharma over point for a maximum. Then came a boundary off the 4th ball from Smith's willow as he smashed the bowler straight down the ground. Off the last came another boundary. Mohit leaked 16 in the over.   

Over 33 || Score 181/1

Strike bowler Shami is back into the attack. Smith flicked the ball towards fine leg to get a boundary off the 3rd ball. Smith then smacked the bowler for a six off the 5th ball over cow corner. And in the next he collected a boundary to complete his hundred in style. He hit 10 boundaries and two sixes to reach the three-figure mark. Expensive over as 14 came off it.     

Over 32 || Score 167/1

Australia are now heading towards a huge total here. After a few overs Batting Powerplay will start, which might go in Aussies' favour as they have two set batsmen in the middle. Six runs off the over.  

Over 31 || Score 161/1

Mohit is bowling well at the moment but Australians have luck on their side. Six runs from the over. 

Over 30 || Score 155/1

India are still searching for their 2nd breakthrough. Tight over by the off-spinner as he conceded just two runs in it.    

Over 29 || Score 153/1

Mohit Sharma has been brought back into the attack. Australia have crossed the 150-run mark in the over. Six runs from it   

Over 28 || Score 147/1

Four runs came from Ashwin's sixth over. If India want to restrict Australia from scoring a big total they need a few wickets here.   

Over 27 || Score 143/1

These are crucial overs for both the teams. India need a couple of wickets here. In the mean time, Finch has completed his half-century as well. Off the last ball came a boundary as Smith danced down the wicket to chip Jadeja towardscow corner. 

Over 26 || Score 135/1

This partnership is getting dangerous with every passing over. Tight over by the offie as three runs came off it.   

Over 25 || Score 132/1

Smith launched Jadeja for a six over mid-wicket off the 4th ball. 14 runs have come in the last two overs bowled by Ashwin and Jadeja. 

Over 23 || Score 118/1

Finch survived a close LBW call off Jadeja. Four from the over.   

Over 22 || Score 114/1

Seven from the over. Australia are going strong after decided to bat first. 

Over 21 || Score 107/1

Spinners can create pressure on these two batsmen by stopping the run-flow from both the ends. Tight over by Jadeja, two off the over.  

Over 20 || Score 105/1

Good sign for India as Ashwin is getting turn from the wicket. He is deceiving the batsmen in the air as well. Five runs in the over. 

Over 19 || Score 100/1

Spin from both the ends as Ashiwn-Jadeja are bowling in tandem. India have to break this dangerously growing partnership.  In the meanwhile, Smith completed his fifty with the help of a single and along with that Oz touched the 100-run mark as well. 

Over 18 || Score 98/1

Premier Indian spinner Ashwin is in attack for the first time. And a decent stat by the offie as he gave mere two in his opening over. India need a wicket here.  

Over 17 || Score 96/1

Mohit to continue. Now the momentum is slightly shifting towards Australia's way. Mohit is mixing up his deliveries but he has to stick with that off-stump line to stop giving easy singles. Finch cut the short and wide 4th ball towards point region for a boundary to collect seven from the over.     

Over 16 || Score 89/1

Jadeja with his 2nd over. Finch slapped the bowler towards cover region to get his third boundary off the 2nd ball. Seven runs off the over.  

Over 15 || Score 82/1

Even after losing first wicket early in the form of Warner, Finch and Smith stitched 50-run partnership for the 2nd wicket. Both the batsmen are looking set in the middle. Five from the over.   

Over 14 || Score 77/1

Spin for the first time as Jadeja has the ball in hand. He has to be slow in the air. The left-arm spinner gave six runs from his opening over. 

Over 13 || Score 71/1

Mohit to continue. India bowlers are using too many shorts balls and Aussies are good pullers. Finch pulled Mohit towards mid-wicket for a four off the 1st ball. Mohit has good variations up his sleeves. But he has to stick with that off-stump line. Seamer leaked seven in the over.

Over 12 || Score 64/1

Surprisingly, MSD brought Kohli into the attack. Smith collected a boundary off the 4th ball as Kohli offered a loose ball. Seven off the over.  

Over 11 || Score 57/1

First bowling change! Mohit Sharma has been brought into the attack. Tight over first up by the seamer as he gave mere a single.

Over 10 || Score 56/1

1st ball, and Smith placed it towards point to get a boundary. Off the next he pulled Yadav for another boundary, this time towards cow corner. Ball is coming nicely on to the bat. In the meanwhile, Smith changed his bat. Smith then hit two consecutive boundaries towards mid-wicket region. Yadav leaked 16 runs in the over.  

Over 9 || Score 40/1

One leg slip in place for Smith. Both the batsmen -- Smith and Finch -- are dealing in singles at the moment, good thinking. Superb over by Shami as two runs have come from it.    

Over 8 || Score 38/1

Yadav to continue. India haven't used the bouncer thus far, which they have used so effectively in this tournament. Disciplined bowling by the strike bowlers. Four from the over.   

Over 7 || Score 34/1

Both the Indian seamers are running in hard, pitching the ball up and troubling the batsmen. Sticking to the basics and that would be the key for India. Another good over for India as two runs came in it.    

Over 6 || Score 32/1

Yadav with his 3rd over. Nervy start by the Aussies. Big LBW appeal off the 1st ball against Smith, but umpire was not interested. Tight over by the seamer as he conceded mere a single in it.

Over 5 || Score 31/1

Shami to continue. 1st ball and a boundary as Finch played it straight down the ground. India have to keep attacking with the new balls. In the last ball came three runs from Smith's willow.  Expensive over as 10 runs came from it.   

Over 4 || Score 21/1

Yadav strikes! Warner Out! Leading edge from Warner's bat and Kohli took a simple catch at long off. Big wicket. In-form Smith has come to the middle. Ball is swing a bit. Off the 4th ball, Smith played the ball in the gap towards long off and covers to get a boundary. Six runs came from the over and a crucial wicket.  

DA Warner c Kohli b Yadav 12 (7b)

Over 3 || Score 15/0

Shami is troubling Finch like never before. A big appeal of LBW off the 2nd ball. But height was the factor. Shami is creating pressure from one end. Yadav needs to back him up. Another good over by the seamer as he gave mere a single in it.  

Over 2 || Score 14/0

Yadav with the other new ball. First ball, came a boundary as Warner played a straight drive. Off the next came a single. Finch is looking uncomfortable in the middle as the ball is moving a bit. Off the last ball, Warner pulled the bowler for a six over mid-wicket. 12 runs came from the over.  

Over 1 || Score 2/0

First ball, and it was right on the money, leaving the outside edge of Finch's bat. Big appeal of LBW off the 3rd ball, but it was going outside leg, one extra. Fourth ball was a peach of delivery as it once again missed the outside edge of Warner's willow. Excellent start by Shami, two runs off it.   

David Warner and Aaron Finch have come to the middle. Finch will take the strike. Shami is set to bowl the first over.

Indian players looked intense during the anthem and MSD looked focused as always.   

Time for National Anthem as both the teams are heading towards the center.

Australia have never lost World Cup semi final, whereas India have won 2 out 3. But India can take heart from the fact that in 2011 WC they defeated the Aussies while batting second.

Now the onus is on Indian speedsters to pick up few early wickets to push Australia on the back-foot. Trio of Umesh, Shami and Mohit have to attack the Australia openers.

Toss: Australia have won the toss and elected to bat first. Not a single change in both the teams.  

After a thrilling 1st semi-finals expectations are all time high form the 2nd semis. 

Big occasion for both the teams. Australia have won the four World Cups, while India have two in their kitty. Pressure match. Huge expectations. Whoever will win play New Zealand in the finals.  

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Australia and India renew their rivalry once again and this time it is a high octane clash at the SCG as the semi-final encounter will bring out a top class performance between to high-profile teams. Australia go into the game having beaten India 12 times in 14 ODIs here. The numbers present a picture of domination from the hosts and its something they will be proud of.

The winner of the match will meet New Zealand at MCG on Sunday. For Australia they have a bunch of match winners who can single handedly win matches. The set of all-rounders in the team present a positive feeling in the team and look threatening on paper. The likes of Shane Watson, James Faulkner, Glenn Maxwell present a huge threat and their pure batters present a class that is rich and experienced.

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In the bowling department, Mitchell Starc will look to lead the attack and he will be well supported by Mitchell Johnson and Josh Hazlewood.

ICC World Cup 2015 - Phots & Slideshows

For India their batting need to shine and their top three players need a big score but it will not be easy against top quality bowling. The onus will be on Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni in the middle order to ensure they bat well. The bowlers meanwhile have impressed and will look to continue their fine form against a solid Aussie batting. Spin factor will be crucial as the likes of Ashwin and Jadeja will be important to stem the flow of runs.

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It will be a clash between two skippers and both will look to outwit each other and come out on top.

Expect India to do well against the Aussies in a close encounter and come out with a victory.

Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

Umpires: Kumar Dharmasena, Richard Kettleborough

3rd Umpire: Marais Erasmus

Match Referee: Ranjan Madugalle

Teams (from):

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(c/w), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav, Mohit Sharma, Axar Patel, Stuart Binny, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ambati Rayudu

Australia: Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith, Michael Clarke(c), Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell, Brad Haddin(w), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Marsh, Xavier Doherty, George Bailey, Pat Cummins